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The Sleep-Talk

I have had many encounters with Somniloquy. And what I have found is that this happens mostly to people who really work hard. Their mind gets to much occupied with the work that they are so deeply absorbed into. It is all random and clearly the other person won't understand what he/she is saying unless they are too involved in the same work. I could pick up a lot many people whom I had seen talking during their sleep. I guess it must be that they were working hard even in their sleep. What do we call those people? But I haven't seen anyone sleep-walking yet, I guess.

I am an insomniac. So, I stay up late at night till the sun shows its face. Yeah! I sleep just before the dawn. Weird? I know. So, some of my roommates get into sleep talk in the middle of the night. I get startled. What I hear is a total blur, but it feels like they are talking to us, the one awake, may be needing something or some help. But then they are still wide asleep. Need I say more there is a special music in addition to my iPod playlist the snoring. Sometimes, it gets difficult to sleep especially in winters when the fan is switched off and the only sound is the snoring and it reciprocates and echoes like a million times in the room. What do I do? I sleep with my earphones on. Again weird? Yeah, I agree this time also, because I sometimes accidentally sleep on my earphones and the result is that one of the earphone doesn't produce sound. Well, I had to buy those apple earphones two times so far. :( . 

So far I have never had a dream about the work I do. May be I was just not involved in it. Or may be I had forgotten. But I can remember one dream. It was the night before my seventh standard mathematics exam. The previous two years we didn't had to give any final exams, due to the terrible Gujarat Earthquake and the Riots which followed the next year. So, I was giving my final exam after two years. And it was mathematics. I thought I studied but I didn't. And my dad is dead serious about maths, of course because he is too good at it. So, as always I was reading the day before the exam. Practicing usually meant applying the formulas for different sets of questions. Even if the formula was easy, the question was difficult to understand. So, my plan was to practice each and every different type so that I could fare a little better. I had studied sometime past mid night, but all the problems which I wanted to cover weren't done yet. I was small then so I don't remember whether I was an insomniac or not. But I slept sometime later. I started practicing maths again. And I did it till my mom woke me up. I was a little bit shocked. Because I didn't know I was asleep all the time. But I was studying maths, or so I felt because all those formulas and me scribbling on the notepad did feel real. Then suddenly I tried recollecting some of the problems which I did from my dream. Some seemed valid, actually most of it. But since I had that confusion for a slight minute, I had forgotten what I thought I studied in my dream. I still ask myself sometimes whether I really did study those remaining unsolved questions or was it just a dream due to too many numbers revolving in my mind. 

Moving On. That comic strip you just saw in this post is the most recent one. I had a couple of more incidents, but I have to make the avatars all over again for different people, which I could do, but a tedious and a long process. So, I am managing with this one. So, this guy usually goes to office early in the morning and comes back almost at mid night. This was the routine for the past two weeks. And this guy doesn't even stay in our room. He stays upstairs but he has friends in my flat, so hangs here most of the time. So, this guy comes early to my room and slowly drifts into sleep. My roommate has gone out in the mean time. Suddenly, he sits on the bed. And starts talking. I was the only one in the room but he still had his eyes closed. All my previous encounters with sleep-talking people, no one had actually sat up and started talking. But this guy did. For a few seconds, I thought he was talking to me. I was about to respond to his confusing talk, when I hear "Press ALT F5. Then a small window will come." I then realized that he was actually in a dream of some sort. He continued for about a half a minute more. Yeah! He kept talking. I even thought of giving him a bath with a bucket of cold water, but then I just dropped that thought. After he has finished talking about the code, some friend of his, something he did, something he wanted others to do, he went back to his sleep. And all this happened in the evening and the sun didn't fully go yet. 

The worst thing I remember doing in my sleeping was waking up horrified because I was about to get caught doing something terrible which I don't remember now and kicking the blanket over trying to get up the cliff while I was trekking(I think) when I accidentally slipped.

Aliens' Attack
This is totally unrelated comic strip. Well, take it as a complimentary one. :P 
So This guy was too impressed with my avatar that it looked totally like me, as he says, he wanted me to make an avatar for him. Well, I couldn't make the exact replica of him. 
And since I had made his avatar, I continued to make a comic strip on him. 
He is actually in US, so thought of relating to it. 


Ajay Kontham © 2013


  1. You studied in ur dreams???????? damn!!!
    Btw nice comic strip

    1. Yeah, kind of. :P
      I was surprised myself that day.

      Thank You. :D

  2. Just one question.Does your room-mate really sleep in full Indian geek regalia??!:P
    And I should be studying that hard.But nightmares about math aren't really inviting.
    *going back to repeating 'Somniloquy' to myself over and over again*
    P.S. Love the comics!

  3. Just one question.Does your room-mate really sleep in full Indian geek regalia??!:P
    And I should be studying that hard.But nightmares about math don't really sound inviting.
    And the comics are gorgeous!:)
    *going back to repeat 'Somniloquy' to myself over and over again!*

  4. Damn, if only I could have studied in my dreams. The closest I came to studying in dreams is having the images of the graph sheet in my dreams when we were made to practice Engineering Drawing for a whole day. Atrocious!!!

    My friends say that I talk in my sleep and I could relate to those incidents as whenever I am stressed out, my friends have observed that I talk in my sleep. However, none has been able to decipher that code in which I talk during my sleep :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. That was one time. And that left me awestruck. How could I possible read something which I didn't till then?.. is the question still stuck in my mind. :P

      Haha. Well, thats' good. Even you must also be not knowing what you had spoken or about whom you might have spoken. :P


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