Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone save me.

It was about three months back when a acquaintance of mine, then mentioned that his mother is searching for a pair for this fellow. One was already in the bucket, but due to some reasons got cancelled. Then, he was 21 years. We weren't quite convinced with his side of the story. I mean come on, marriage at 21 years? It is like Child Marriage, not literally though. 

Unfortunately, he and me were placed in the same workplace. And since we are still kind of new we have to self study and that too on one computer that too if someone is on leave or didn't turn up at office or is busy in some kind of meeting/likewise. If you are following my previous posts, then you might remember about mentioned about a Questionnaire sitting beside me and eating the little brain that I have. So, one afternoon, when it was about to have lunch, he says "Hey, I have to go and get some photos. And you have to accompany me to that." I was a bit confused and started thinking about why this guy is asking me come along for taking some passport-size photographs. So, I told him, Why would I do that? And before we go any further, my office is situated not near to anything, literally. So, if you have to get a photograph, you would have to climb a flyover and obviously get down and then go some 5km or even more, get your photographs and repeat the process while coming back. So, he replies that I being good at photography would suggest him something that would awe the people looking at him. I start laughing at his response and say that passport size photographs doesn't require any expert advice whatsover. He simply throws off my thoughts and tells that its not a passport size photo that he wants but something suitable for the marriage portfolio, that people exchange while trying to find a match. Well, he looks serious about it. So, I asked him, "Are you really trying to get married?" To which he says "Yes, As soon as possible". 

Well, he goes for a photo shoot and I refuse to tag along. He clearly covers the receding hairline on his head and emails his photos to the concerned party. Now lets rewind something about this guy. So, he asks a lot of questions. And you wouldn't believe the number. A sentence sometimes doesn't have questions at all, ,or even a word as a matter of fact. But, with him you will find innumerable questions to the question-less sentences and words. Actually, I don't have patience at all. My phone knows it well which can be clearly pointed out by its half broken/smashed body and my laptop where the keys on the keyboard went flying when the laptop got stuck in the middle of something and the list goes on. But I stay cool, or should I say I pretend to be cool. The patience-tolerance has already maxed. Because these days, it is not only the questions, he has some strategies as well. Some f#ck'd up strategies. Seriously, you don't want to know. First of all he starts by saying that he won't do this Job, (which is well and good. Why don't you resign?) and then he tells about one plan a day that he would like to do after leaving the Job. No Sir, I don't want to hear it. Please stop. I say this to him. But he has turned a blind ear to this sentence. Now, the story doesn't end there. Besides the questions, and mindless strategies, he does fishing, or so he calls it. He is a busy person with on his phone. There is no age restriction or relation restriction or location resriction. If he finds some girl somewhat attractive, he eases to find their number and then there is non-stop texting. All was going well, when he asks my advice about how to propose to a girl who is his distant relative. Are you freaking kidding me? Me? Advice? On what, mister? Love? Proposal ? , as if I am some kind of an experienced person with count exceeding 100. If I was that good, or atleast the other people thought that I was even worthwhile, why would I be sitting and taking to him? Do you get the point? So, there we were back to square one, him asking questions again. In the near future, this is bound to happen. No doubt. 

This is just a proposition. There is more in the bag. That day this guy was busy on phone calls regarding his details and all. All was going well, when someone in his family thought that the girl should also be working with a job. While this guy doesn't want a person who also works. This is also fine, right? And he continues saying that he will also stop working in the current job after marriage. I was like "What the hell? You don't want the girl to do a job. And you also don't want to do the job after marriage?" He says some classic software engineer work problems, which aren't big of a deal. But he is too adamant about it. And I can't do anything about it, nor can anyone. So, that day the other side of the people, the girls family liked his photos and so the proceeded for the next step. It was then they came to know about the girl not working. And as everyone else except this guy didn't wanted a non-working girl, it got cancelled, I think. 

I felt that the girl was saved. Because come on, with this guy, the unstoppable-innumerable questions and the biggest stunt of all, leaving of job after marriage... well the girl was saved, I say. So, I asked him if you married and left the job what he might do. Each day he comes up with a new Business Plan. I think I will do that, I think I will do this. Anyway, since his marriage got cancelled, he looked depressed for a few days. Then, he was back on the phone game - the texting-and-no-working. So after a few days he says, "I think I should get married". Okay, someone save me from this guy. This is totally nuts. Or at least save him. Because

Caution / Precaution - Should not be seen at any cost. I repeat again, At any Cost. Especially children and people with weak heart or strong heart. And also everyone out there.

People think Ajay is cruel, but he has the heart of a child. Two, actually.


  1. Ha have hearts of two different colors..amazing. And keep updating about the soon-to-bald guy's marriage d I hv a doubt dat do you guys ever work at office? I mean he keeps asking questions n u keep ranting about it on ur blog. BTW very funny. :) <3

    1. Oh, yeah. I didn't notice that till now.

      Yeah Sure. :)

      Not working yet. Still in some kind of training. So, we have to kill the time. He is a non stop question box, and I have no other choice but to listen and then rant about it on my blog.

      I am glad this made you smile. :)

  2. Hi Ajay! What a freaking guy man! God help you! Your post was quite interesting...*laughed like hell!*
    BTW: Do you really intend to strangle him to death? lol! He's a freaking guy i say!Wish he reads this post and knows that disturbing other people with silly sense of humors is a crime!
    What i hated the most is "ek ko patao aur doosri ko hatao" kind of attitude he possesses. Dreaming of marrying Lalita and texting Babita!-Total fool!

    1. Yeah, Please pray for me. :P
      I am glad you had a good laugh.

      I don't intend to. But given the circumstances, I might have to. He doesn't leave me much choice, you know. :D Yeah, he better.

      Arey 'ek' hote tho samaj lete, lekin ek hi time me teen teen ko. Now thats' insanity at peaks.

  3. so you guys are having reallly fun out there..?

    1. Hmm, Does it look that way?
      Well, he is having fun and I am totally on a different planet there.

  4. I'll just write this: ahahahahahaha!

    1. I will just write this : Thank You. :)

  5. dont u feel like killing the person for irritating u upto that extent...:D
    ur comic strips are always fun...:D
    keep writing ;)

    1. You Bet.
      Someday I might. :P

      Why, Thank You. :)

      You too. ;)

  6. I really couldn't help laughing so hard and I am in my office. People around me looked like I am a maniac. Anyway, though I feel guilty about laughing at your expense, I couldn't help :P :P

    Poor you, if not for professionalism and saving your own dignity I would asked you to thwaaaapp that guy already! And if ever a guy whom I know tells me that he wants to marry and he doesn't want the girl to work and he is also planning to quit his job without any concrete leads, I would give him a piece or two of my mind. Dude, what is he thinking? This might have worked in the 60's when people just got married because their parents say so and do what their dads did, like family business or something. Someone wake that guy up and bring him to reality!

    Do something and escape from him! I really don't have any ideas of how to :(

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. You must be kidding. Seriously? Did you laugh out loud?
      I am honored, you know , in some kind of way. :P

      Believe me, I might forget about all the professionalism if this continues on. I am already getting maxed up on that. He is preparing himself for a big thunder. I too would give a piece of my mind, but this guy way too arrogant for that. His mother is worried that he would do something crazy and once he does that he could never get married. So, you see this guys mental structure. Everyday, he tells me a new profession. And I think he is running out of different professions, because he sometimes repeats the old ones again. *Throws water at his face* Him : *snoring out even louder* .
      I tried. But that's just it.

      Yeah, these days I am trying to avoid him more.
      It's okay. And thanks. :)
      I will try to manage him before my professionalism is uprooted.

      Take Care. :)

  7. LMAO dude your workplace sounds a 100 times better than mine
    Now stop for a second...i feel like you are out of ammo even in your mind!
    You being Mr Perfect is the reason behind all of this :P

    1. It does? The dude beside me makes that happen. :P

      You bet. I am not spraying water. :P

      Oh, is it ? But I ain't no Mr. Perfect dude. So, why all this is happening? #VeryCurious.


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