Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Day When...

....When I had a 3 Square Meal.
#DiaryEntry 05

It doesn't happen often. I have been in Bangalore for over six months. And last time, I remember having breakfast, followed by lunch and then dinner was when I was at home. Of course, right? Because no one can skip home-made food. But ever since I was back, yesterday was the only day when I actually got to eat three times a day. Now, I have heard from various people, including my mom, that breakfast is the most important part of the day, but I am just one stubborn lad and don't take anything seriously, and here especially breakfast. Probably, my mom would call once in a while to check up on me whether I am having the required quantity of food on a daily basis, but guess what, I am not following the routine. You would probably find me munching at the Mc Donald's or licking my fingers on KFC's hot wings, or eating hundreds of chocolates as if there would be no chocolates starting from tomorrow. Well, that's it. My weekly, daily food routine, with exceptional cases and frequently changing menus.

So, the recent turn of events has left be blatantly shocked, or lets just say time bound. And I would curse each and every person responsible for it. For the six months I had been enjoying the comfort of my room when one evening I get a call asking me to come to office the next day. I thought there would be an interview and I would just mess it up and spend some more time with my loving room and laptop. But fate plays its role as does the luck. My luck was so bad that there was no interview for the project. I am straight away told to read some materials concerning the project. I wasn't given time to process what was going on. Now, coming to the time, who else could ever have such weird time routine. I have to go almost before my usual waking-up-time and come when all the shops are closed. Now, don't you stress yourself too much figuring the time. Its from 8 to 11, including all the travelling and the work time. By the time I reach my room, I am like a dead crawling person and just have to climb my bed and doze off to sleep. But I still take out my laptop and check the latest posts, try to commet and then think of writing a post. Last night, I was with the same idea of writing a post, but the next thing I remember is hitting the snooze button on my phone. I didn't even know when I had fallen asleep. Day ends. Day begins. All happens within fraction of seconds. And just this comes to my mind whenever I think about all this : 

Statutory Precaution / Advice / Warning / Whatever! : Don't try this at home, work place, college, school, or anywhere. It is not as easy as it looks. Parental presence required.(And Yes! Parent's are also advised not to try this) Or at least a Professional will also do.

Break Dance, Literally.
P.S. This would be lamest post you might have even read in the history of blogging. Seems like I just need some experience to manage some things which I usually do well. So, it might take a little while for me getting back at writing awesome posts, (hahahahahahahahahaha.) Did anyone just laugh? Now, I am even hearing things. 

Written under The Day When { #TheDayWhen }. Yeah, I guess there will many more such days to come. Oh, No! Not like this post. I meant about something or the other happening and I may not be able to resist sharing it or may be reliving some old days from the past. Some thing or the other there will always be something fishy or lets say interesting. :D 


  1. LOLzzzzzzzz you make mundane office work routine and the hectic-ness of life seem so colourful and funny!!

    Loved your take on it :D

    1. Haha. I try to be funny, you know. :P
      I am glad you liked it. :D

      Thank you. :)

  2. You got into a project finally???? And your work time is 8 AM to 11 PM??????? That seems insane or did I get it wrong? While I maintain this might make you eat food properly but I think if this is your working time, soon you would post a comic strip of your hair sticking out on ends as if you were electrocuted!!! :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yeah. My Bad. :(
      Yeah, it is insane and No, you got it right. Its the total time it takes to start from my room and again back to my room.

      Lol, My working time is practically no time. :P
      Haha. Sure, someday soon. :D

    2. I am relieved that it is not the working time but still if the total outdoor time is that much, you will find it difficult adapting after lazing in the room for months :P Good luck!

    3. Yeah, I am trying to find an alternative.
      And Yes, again, I am already trying to adjust my clock. But I am still failing to adapt the new time. Hope it doesn't take eternity. :P

      Thanks, I need it. :D

  3. Hi Ajay:) Guess what even i never eat breakfast *busy sleeping and blogging to notice it's time to eat:D)
    The cartoons are awesome:)

    1. Haha. Likewise. :D

      Thanks. Glad you like it. :)

  4. Frankly, I hate people who skip breakfast - the best meal to skip is dinner and people end up having high calories then...phew!

    1. I guess, I have one blogger/person hating me for skipping breakfast. :(

  5. 8 TO 11 !!! :O
    May the mighty God save your soul ! :D


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