Thursday, March 14, 2013

#2. The Day When...

... When Luck just didn't favor me.
#DiaryEntry 06

The night was still young, slowly maturing and taking its time to dive into midnight. I silently made my way through the still-empty-yet-busy streets of the busy Bangalore roads. People were still on the roads. I just wondered what they might be doing. I stood there silently waiting for the bus at the oddest hour of the day, or practically night. While I was making my way to the Bus Stop, I saw a Bus moving past me. And I just missed it by two minutes. I waited there hoping that I just didn't miss the last bus of the day. I waited. I still waited. Time was doing its job with out any delay. Cars, bikes, mini vans, trucks, almost every other vehicle made its way past me, but the bus I was hoping to come hasn't showed up yet. Then, I realized I missed the last bus some while back. Now, I had no other option but to make my way back to my room and this time - by walk. As I led myself through the silent night streets almost an hour before the mid night, I covered some distance. It was then, the final last bus raced past me. Holy Mother of God! I exclaimed, then I started cursing. I had waited too long for the bus to arrive and just when I had thought I was doing the wrong thing by waiting for something that's too unlikely to show up and unfortunately I was just too wrong. Well, Luck has its' part. And you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't favor me, as if I was surprised. We have a mutual understanding sort of. It doesn't ever favor me, and instead of its stubbornness I still hope that it might comply to my desires or whatever. 

The day wasn't good, not today, not ever. I had a pretty bad and hectic day, just another routine I follow these days. I wake up against my will, and the alarm just won't stop. And well, I had to go to office which is like another city. So, early morning waking up. Something, I never liked and never did, unless there is some sort of exam. Wait! On second thought, I didn't even do that. So bottom line, I am just not a morning person. Last time I checked, I went for jogging one early morning at like six in the morning. Now, don't you pat me on my back since I woke up early. Please hear the whole story. I was busy with some tv series and some movies the previous night and then I say the light through the curtains. I thought why not go for a run. So, I went for a run. It was then I realized that my stamina has decreased manifold. And I have to do this regularly. I came back to my room and had no other choice but to doze off into sleep in the early morning. 

So, I go to office and practically do nothing except go through some documents which totally felt like some Martian language. And that too I was feeling so damn sleepy. The usual time was up. But my fried says that the incharge is still there and we have to tell them before we leave. I wasn't sure that was necessary. Well, it isn't. I could even leave a long time before also. But I being some sort of punctual and adhering to the rules was time bound. But the time had already crossed. I was packing my stuff. But he tells me to stop doing that. I didn't quite well understand him. I said we can leave now. Well, we both were new there. And that's what he said. I couldn't agree more. I told him that I saw the incharge leave a long time ago. But he proposes to have seen again in their cubicle. I begged to differ. He wasn't leaving nor was he allowing me to. Finally, I just stood up besides his constant pestering only to find no one (In charge) present in the concerned cubicle. I frown at him for falsifying and assuming things. Well, I was a bit angry then because that time delay would just make my life even more miserable through the incandescent journeys. And to get back I would have first have to walk about one km to the bus stop - wait till the bus comes - board it - get down - again walk for another km - wait for some more time - board it - get down - Go to McDonald for dinner at around 2230 hour - miss the last bus - miss another bus (thinking that there is no other bus) - walk like 5 km back to room. That was one helluva day.

Ajay Kontham © 2013 

Note that this a No-Comic-Strip-post. Sorry about that. Because most people seemed to like them. I couldn't post not because I don't have any, but because some are still under construction and I am just too damn lazy feeling and sleepy at the same time. Now if you are wondering how an insomniac could feel sleepy, let me clear that doubt. I am not feeling sleepy. But if I don't sleep now, there is a one hundred percent chance that I couldn't go to office on time. And like I said, I like to be punctual. And theses days, I am getting a lot of ideas for the comic thing but I am too short of time. Damn you time

And before I forget, I am extremely sorry if I could't read any of your posts or comment on them even after reading. I sincerely apologize. 

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  1. Whoa, that was one hell of a day I must say! And for your friend, it is human habit. After a while, i.e.,after he is used to the office routines, superiors and stuff, he will come around ;)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yeah, it was. You are right. It does take some time.

      So, you read. I really appreciate your patience to read my posts. :D

  2. I am not sure how you see it, but to a reader like me, your life is pretty interesting. Maybe because of the way you put it? The bus incident, honestly, I laughed reading at it, and next moment I realized it was real-life story. It happens to all of us, in some or other way. We just can't help. And good people often have a complicated relationship with lady luck. Why don't you befriend her and make her as your girlfriend? :P Okay, that was a lame joke.

    The way you keep saying about your insomia-ism, I was just wondering you ever tried to find out why is that so? Sleep is essential (another granny-like advice! Duh!). And since you are often 'lost' these days, sleep might calm your mind or at least make those thoughts numb for a while. So. get in some sleep.

    Your friend is a specimen I must tell. No wonder he is your friend after all! :P

    And hey, you are saying sorry for the no-comicstrips? I thought you were tricking for an artificial demand :P Never mind, we forgive for that :P :)

    1. If for a reader, its interesting, then its a hidden compliment for me. :P Yeah, tried that. But guess what, I am too suck-y with ladies so I got dumped, and not yet left alone. Still being haunted by her, the lady who brings bad luck. Any ideas to escape her ? :P

      Well, for starters I have a lot to do, but so little time. So, killing some sleep time helps me achieve that. :P . And your advice also sounds good. Must try it some day.

      Yeah, he is. Could be preserved in the Museum. :P. Yeah, as if I got a choice here. :P

      Kind of, yeah.
      Wait! Is it that obvious? I thought I was doing it well. Damn! I need to work on my deceiving skills.
      Ah, Thanks. Someone is just that kind enough. :D


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