Friday, March 15, 2013

The Guy in the Hat.

A lot of things have happened lately. Like me going to office. Well, this one is a bummer. And I totally regret my decision. I came to know a few things about my past which were quite hidden. Well, in the sense that it involved me but I wasn't aware of them. I will summarize that shortly. A shocking revelation from my friend. You would be as surprised as I was. Wait! I still am. Well, that's for another day (the comic strips are under construction for the same. And I know the person involved would probably kill me for doing so, let me just take the risk). Bla bla bla. 

Well, today is my Cousin Sister's birthday. So Happy Birthday to her. Guess what, I made a comic strip for that. 'Yeah, do I seem to be more jobless even after staying at office for over 9 hours or am I just spending or should I say selling my sleep-time? Btw, What kind of person am I? 9 hours!? Phew.' Anyways, what I do is strictly-legally confidential. Seriously, don't tell anyone (please) 
The zzZZzz Story. 

Anyways, I hope you keep this as a secret. But if you don't.... well , let's leave the topic there. 'What? Are you afraid or what?'  Who was that? Yeah, I didn't think so. So I was saying I made one, I mean the comic strip, (just passing my time, y'know.)

Happy Birthday.
I don't usually get to upload all the things at a time and frankly speaking I have never ever wished anyone on my blog. So, this is the first. Actually there is a reason. But everything in one day? What kind of fun it wold be? As I mentioned earlier about some comic-strips under construction, well that has relevance to this. Though they aren't inked even in the minutest possible way. "Dude, All in one day? What else did you mention? Except your idiotic bragging about nothingness.'  - 'Feels like it's my time to come and show myself."  Did anyone just say something? Man, I think I am hearing things, rather to many these days. I think I should get myself checked. May be I am getting insane with each passing day. With that, I remember the classic Sheldon Cooper's dialogues - "Oh! No, I am not insane. My mother had me Tested".

Come on!, Dude. Don't you have anything better to do? See this is what happens when you don't take my advice and just keep blabla-ing (yeah, that's right... I create new words, So? you got a problem with that?) : 

So the last post was not commented on. That is like a serious thing. Because, how insanely rubbish-nonsense-meaningless-stupid-senseless- (I think you might have got it by now) you wrote, people still made some time of their valuable-precious time just for you. And don't mistake them, my friend. They were being generous and were just trying to motivate you to keep writing and invisibly hinting you to get better at writing. But you just get overwhelmed by the comment that you skip their hidden hint, every single time. But last post seems to be ... well... Do I have to say anything more? Seriously, dude? Get your SugarHoneyIcedTea together. And don't start with your petty lame excuses. No. Not to me. 

The Ignorant AK.

Well, I am not known to many people. Because I am being kept from showing myself by this mask of something I can't even start describing. So there is this AK (a.k.a Ajay Kontham) who keeps me from getting out, but does every single thing on my command, yet thinks its' his own idea/thoughts. I just laugh at his innocence. Well, this post of his ended a long time back. He doesn't even know that I am writing and adding all this stuff.  Probably, he won't, unless you people tell him tomorrow morning or later. Well, you'd probably fail at convincing him, because he can't read any of this. It's all just invisible to him. Or I will make sure he can't. After all, I am the controlling part here.

Now, if you are still wondering who this guy in a Red Shirt is ... I am what they call, or what I call the 'Alter-Ego', 'The Conscious', 'The Dark Passenger' ( Courtesy: Dexter)  ...well.. I could go on and on..  but you get the point , right? Well, for the time being (and in the future also) lets just call myself :  ' The Guy in the Hat'. 

'The Guy in the Hat' !!
Well, this is just the beginning. There are more to come. So, if at all you get to read some text/ paragraph/ post in this font, you know who's speaking to you, right? If you don't know, just memorize it, will ya'? Oh, by the way, if you are thinking I am any good, lemme clear the air. I am the Badass. Believe it. Or 'The Guy in the Hat' doesn't take things lightly, seriously, I don't So, better believe it. And you wouldn't want to do anything that would upset the 'Guy in the Hat'. Believe me, you don't. 


  1. Now I know what you are doing at office :P Birthday wishes to your cousin.

    Now to the guy in the hat,
    You are cool :P And nowadays you come out often, it is like a competition between you and Ajay ;) Anyway, the reason I had not commented on previous post of Ajay's till some time before was that I didn't find time to read his post over the weekend :P There you go, you lost your argument. (Or at least I think so)If not, let me try this- Ajay doesn't write for comments, he writes for himself. Lame? Ok, I will stop. :D

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Oh. Nooo.. :P Anyways, don't tell anyone.

      Hey. I am glad to have finally met you, I mean getting a response from you to ME. Yeah, I have to come out these days, more often then I know. A competition which I always win. :D . Too late ma'am. Once out, it can't be changed. :P . And its' okay you don't have to read and every post.Sometimes when I am asleep or busy with something else, this Ajay just writes stuff he himself doesn't understand.
      You got a point ma'am. That I figured out. It was just that he had been checking the mail all day at office for some response on the blog-post. And it was't lame, at all. :D

      Thanks for taking your time to talk to 'The Guy in the Hat'. :D

  2. nice comic strips...:) i actually like them..:)
    keep creating more..sory didn't read what was written below or above them actually not in a mood to read rite now...:D but will read them soon once my mood gets change...:D
    keep writing..:)

    1. Thank You. I am glad you like them. :D
      Yeah, I intend to.

      Well, take you time. My writings are not that easy to understand, you know!! :P #JustKidding. A small advice : Skip reading - else your mood will again change.

      Thanks for dropping by. :D

  3. Hi Ajay!! Sorry, haven't been stopping by often these days! Actually my exams are on and I don't get much free time... Now that I do have a long gap before the next one, I'm trying my best to post-read-and comment on blogs. So, sorry again!!

    Anyway, I have read a few of your comic strips, and they're fab! I really like the comic strips!! Plus, 'the guy in the hat' -AWESOME! I love Sheldon in TBBT ^_^

    So, keep up the awesome work and I'll try to come by often, ok?

    P.S. Yes, I did find time to answer your award questions! Thank you for my 3rd award!! Here's the link-

    1. Come on. You don't have to be sorry. And that to be when the Exams are on top of your head. Plus my posts during exams? A lethal combination. So, I advice to not to do at least during exams.

      Thank you. I am glad you like them.
      The Guy in the Hat says Hi. And Thank you. I am Awesome and I know it. :D

      Yeah sure. That is my intention.

      Wow. Congratulations on the award. Now onto your blog to read the replies. :)

  4. Man, I love your comics! :D
    Just stumbled across your blog, which I must say I like!
    Keep writing! :)

    Hopelessly Hopeful

    1. Thank you, Hopelessly Hopeful.
      I am glad you like them. :D
      And I am also glad you stumbled across my blog. Means a lot. :)

      You too. :D
      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  5. I think now your previous posts would have got lot of comments (mine is due yet! :))! So there is lot of suspense you have created up. I am waiting for the pieces to fit in the puzzle.

    Bdw The Guy in the Hat is good.. Talks sensible, is witty and looks much better than the other Ajay! :P

    PS: Strangely keeping the comment short, because I have a feeling you well know what I would say. And well, the Guy in the Hat is too smart to read between the lines ! :)

    1. Well, never mind. I can understand if you are busy. And moreover they aren't that interesting to spend time on. I have n idea what you are saying... :P

      The Guy in the Hat says Hello.
      Yeah, AK has no clue what I just did so might sound like a real idiot.
      The puzzle should stay a puzzle else it won't be a puzzle, right? Get the point there.

      Ah! Thanks. Someone appreciated what I do, unlike this AK. *Takes my Hat Off* in gratitude. :D
      Yeah, you got that right. Poor AK, he is still scratching his head trying to figure out what just happened here. :D


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