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Up Above the Sky.

One day I was as mush shocked as much as I was pleased when I saw a message in my FB messenger that someone wanted me to write a guest post. At first, I smiled. And then thought, What? ME? I mean..... Come on, Me? Much to my amazement, the message wasn't wrongly sent by the sender. And this person who has an awesome blog and is an prolific writer, yet doesn't agree with it. Well, great people don't usually accept their greatness. Do you agree? No? Well, I will give you an example. I am great and am just great at writing. So, the small class for you people have ended and it is upto you to think what's what! Well, don't try too hard. 

So, I argued with this person that I am not the person for this, and that I am the last person who should be writing a guest post for anyone. Well, I don't know the A-B-C of writing. We all know that. OMG! Unanimous vote! And guest post. I thought for a few days about what I should be writing. Well, after too much ado I came up with this. 

So, let me first thank the author a dreamygal of the blog 'Journey of Dreamsfor asking me write a guest post for her 700th post. 700th post? Can you believe that? And she says, its not a big number. "Somebody just kill me." :P. (Wait, I was just saying figuratively, not practically. Please put down your guns and knives or whatever you had in mind to carry out the task). 

Well, I present you "Up Above the Sky". ( Please click on the link to read the post.) 

This is just an excerpt (I first wrote a small piece here, but later thought this was too good to be left incomplete so copied the whole here again) from my post here.


I look deep into the dark empty sky with glittering dots of incomplete stories. I just dissolve in the never ending creations that I do by joining those tiny sparkling dots, trying to complete the incomplete story. A story leads to another , and to another. The  stories never seem to end. I am just lost at that moment. When I look back at the things I created so far, seem to fade away in the darkness. I start all over again, just when I realize time has been a enemy so far. Before I know, the night was about to end. Sometimes the sky becomes my enemy when it does not favor my love in creation of the unknown, the unheard. The sky is dark even now, but the stars are not there. What fate might withhold a special place for me in its most uncommon places, I just fail to understand. Sometimes, I don't even spend my alone time with the million friends who seem so distant yet so near. Yeah, friends because I can pamper them in my mind and they wouldn't even mind. The thing that they won't know is totally another story. Nevertheless, I hope they don't see or hear what I do. Because each day a new story might just confuse them to appear ever again. 

I solemnly wait, for some evenings to give birth to the night. May be I just love darkness. Or may be we are just alike - all dark. Just like them, I do my creations in the silence of my world while they glitter and shimmer in their place shedding light with each passing moment. No body can see me, hear me, or look at what I do. I may shout in silence, I may scream in vanity, I may laugh in bliss, I may pray in sanctity. Whatever I do, I am just unheard, not felt, not known; just like the stars, whom I  call friends for the similarities that we have. You might have a question about how might I know what the story might be with the so called friends, that I say. Well, I don't. But do anyone of us know? We see the shiny stars, shining and aim to reach them. But really, are they shining? May be they are screaming. May be they are calling us to help them. Or may be they are really smiling at us, and are happy that they give someone a hope, a hope to do things they can't even imagine. 

I want to think the stars to be the hope, 'hope' for the people in distress to jump out of their box and explore the outside world, 'hope' for the people climbing the steps of life not to give up and keep pushing themselves. I wouldn't want to think otherwise. Else, what difference would be there between me and them. Though we are two incomparable entities. But the fact that we both love the darkness around makes me closer to it. There are differences, I agree. And being considering it as a dear friend I don't follow any of its principles. 

Sometimes, I see the god in them when I share the deepest and deadliest secrets. Sometimes I cry in their presence. Sometimes I ask them to take me away with them. Sometimes, I discuss the so called life of the human life. And then the idea of leaving this beautiful, yet not-so-beautiful world rises deep in my heart. Sometimes, I am waken up, shaken up when my dad comes and asks me what I am thinking. I bluntly say, Nothing. To which he replies, A person can never stop thinking. Even in dreams, the mind keeps working. No argument there. But that little white lie is inevitable. The reason behind it is very huge. Sometimes, the other person might just not understand. Or the reasons are just unspeakable. They should be locked up in the deepest corners of the mind. Because they are just not normal, they are unthinkable & are rather too dangerous. And then a simple small white lie is the only choice to keep them away from seeing the light of the day, or the darkness of the night. 

Up above the sky, 
I see a friends 
So like me, 
So drown in darkness

The little lights of hope
An inspiration to many
Laughing and Shining
In white amour of diamonds

We are alike, I say
For the resemblance of darkness
that we posses 
beneath the shiny attire we adorn

Hidden beneath the smile
Are so many untold stories
So many prayers 
And so many truths.

But then again we are different
Not in presence of situation
But in thoughts of ideologies
Which are quite opposite.

No wonder people dream of them
Aspire to reach them, 
Struggling their way 
Through the adversities.

I am not like those
Yet, I call it my friend
In spite of having varying thoughts
In spite of living a million miles away

Because it knows 
More than I know myself
For I share everything 
In its presence. 

Ajay Kontham { 2013 }

P.S. : Well, I  thank adreamygal once again. Anyways, I am truly truly honored, like a hundred times. Though, I have told her a million times that she was doing the wrong thing by asking me; a person who isn't that proficient in writing and just thinks that he is great at writing, but the world knows that he isn't. If you didn't know till now, there I just proved it. So, 


  1. I read it there and commented too.
    Loved this one boss!

    1. Oh, Thank you so much for doing here it as well.

      Thank you, Ma'am. :D

  2. OMG a post on me, again? ;) :P Well, I wont argue on how bad (read good) you are at writing, coz well, I too have finally got votes on that!! :P

    Man, I still don't understand why you think you weren't 'worthy' when you wrote such great. Okay wait, I got the answer. Well, great people don't usually accept their greatness. Yeah. Right.

    Honestly I don't have any words left to prove my thankfulness and happiness :-/ :) Thanks man, for taking time out from your busy schedule and writing such awesome post! :)

  3. Interesting imagination.Elephant doesn't see the enormity of his own body and so are you to see your calibre.

    1. Thank You. :)
      Thats' an interesting comparison. I will think about it. :P

  4. Too good dude, too good! I wonder how that mind of yours works. Mine being twice as lazy as I am, does not allow me to write anything as imaginative as this :(

    1. Why, Thank You. :)

      I sometimes wonder if my mind works at all. :P
      You are way too creative and imaginative than me. May be you just don't know. Or it could be that, you are so habituated to write too creative posts that they seem normal to you. But believe me, they are a hundred times better than mine. I say again, they are a thousand times better than mine. I say again.. you got the point right ? :P

      And sometimes, somethings happen. And this is one among that, or the only one among that. :P
      Like I said earlier, all your posts are great indeed. You should take pride in that you know. :D

    2. Thanks for all those kind words :)

  5. I love your imaginations ... awesome !!!

  6. Its nice to introspect and dream. Not many do it. Loved the verses.

    1. Glad you liked them. :D

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. One should always introspect, imagine, dream and ponder once in a while.
    Loved the verse.

  8. Highly inspiring!
    I can actually relate to it :)

    1. Why, Thank You.

      You can. I am so glad you can.
      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. Superb imagination must tell you :)

  10. Yayy awesome!

    And 700 posts :o That is quite a bit *round of applause for adreamygal*

    1. Thank You. :)

      Isn't it? quite a bit ? It's more than that. :P

  11. Wow, I love the night-time sky, and I loved what you wrote. I like how you've described the stars as stories you're trying to fathom into constellations.
    Its really, really lovely. You should be proud!

  12. Lovely post. I loved how you described everything felt like real :)

  13. Its nice to have someone like us!!

  14. As you have got an amazing sense of writing...
    I wish to present you this award so here I'm inviting!!!

    1. Why, Thank You!
      That's too generous of you.

      Thanks once again. :)

  15. That was really a beautiful piece. :)

  16. the poem is just AMAZING.... no wonder people are calling you for guest posts....

    keep in touch...

    1. Ah, Thank You. :)
      You are too kind. Thanks.

      Yeah, you too.


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