Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food Madness.

At The Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Free Burger at McDonald. 

An Award Giveaway II.

This is a long overdue post. I have been meaning to write this post like since when I crossed the 300 posts mark. But due to my expert Photoshop skills and the notion to make this an interesting post kept me from posting so far. So, I crossed the 300 posts mark and also 40K page views, the latter is not a big of a deal but the former is. "Three freaking Hundred"!! Yeah, Quite unbelievable, but have to accept the fact. Though, I agree with most people that most posts doesn't contain any noteworthy or even anything readable.  Whatever! So, after a lot of struggle and how to create something interesting, I finally created a Giveaway Award. And I agree, its' not cool enough, but I guess you can live with it, if not, lemme know :P . I know I am too bad at Photoshop and all. And last time I hoisted this giveaway was when I crossed the 200 posts. And if you happen to see the smashing, glass-shattering  "Awesome Blogger Award" anywhere, that was created by yours faithfully. Wait! Who are you looking at? Hey, Come on!! Its' me. Anyways, I am happy to see it circling all over the world. :D

The Creative Blogger Award

*Mike Testing* *Check* *1* *2* *3* ! 

I would like to thank all you people for coming to the Blogger Award Giveaway ceremony. So, Congratulations to all the people who will be given the award. I would say I put a lot of thought into nominating the bloggers. And I will also say, I put a lot of thought into creating the award and later into what to do to make this interesting. But excuse me, I didn't get to make this giveaway any interesting like any other. I tried a different approach, but guess I didn't try that hard. ( Okay, Now I am exaggerating :D ) . 

In accordance with the previous blog awards, I have came to know that some people don't like to follow the rules. Well, who does? And I agree with them totally. But don't you think that all that hectic process is to appreciate the work and acts as a little motivation to keep them moving forward. NO, I am not saying you to follow the rules. Its' not mandatory, but following also helps. Anyways, I have spoken too much, I must stop before I am greeted with all those new tomatoes, eggs and whatnot! 

Creative Blogger Award
So, Congratulations to all the people who I will nominate now. So, Creative in sense of their writing and their presentation of ideas so beautifully and creatively, before you ask any questions about the reason behind this award. And wait up! Here's the catch - There are rules, of course. Or more like to-do things. Though, these aren't compulsory, but if followed, its good.

1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog. (You don't have to do that though :P )
2.a. Three things About yourself.
   b. Two things People don't know about you.
   c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger. 
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on. 
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
(This one is the routine thing, right?...hmm.. will try to make it interesting)
6. Inform the bloggers about their award.

Since I an hosting this, I can skip the first one. :P

2.a. Three Things About yourself
1. Well, I like photography. But these days, moving around with a camera just for clicking is sort of difficult and also finding the right places too.
2. I am an Insomniac, rarely sleep at nights. I usually sleep less.
3. I am an extremely silent guy. You already know? Of course, you know. I blurt out about it all the time! 

2.b. Two things People don't know about you.
1. People think I am smart and intelligent. And that is so not true. Now, that I said make a note of it, Please.
2. I am a short tempered person. Well, not exactly short, more like long-tempered person. I get angry very soon, but don' show. You provoke me once, I'd ignore you. Second time, I'l give a pass. Third time and you are dead. Now, That doesn't sound like me, but its the truth. :D

2.c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
One thing? What good will that do to me? There are like a hundred things I'd like to change about myself. Well, since its just one thing I've to tell. So, hmm... what tops the list? hmm..erm... Yeah   -  My perspective about Life.

3. Hehehe! No questions for me. :P

4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs.

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Keirthana at 0 ÷ 0 | The Undefined

[ I tried to include as many people as I could. Excuse me, If I happened to skip anyone's. ]

5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.

What is the one word that comes to your mind when you hear the following words/phrases? (Make it like a rapid fire round - Mention the first word that strikes you! And if you make if fast, it would be cool.)

a. World
b. Life
c. Awards
d. School
e. Love
f. Books
g. Death
h. Work
i. Sports
j. (Your Name)
k. Dog
l. Parents
m. My Blog 
n. Chocolates
o. Me/The Author/Ajay (Don't tell me you haven't heard this name/word :P) 

That's 15! I don't think they are hard, are they? And I also don't think they would take much time, right ? 

Phew! Anyways, Done with that. That is seriously one tedious process. Creating the award was one difficult step and then awarding people is another difficult one. 

6. Inform the bloggers about their award. : On it. 

Well, Congratulations, and hope you like the Award. And lastly thanks for reading my blog. :)

Take Care and Keep writing. 
Cheers. :D

-  Ajay Kontham™ © 2013  -

Some 5km Run

My friend & Me at a Company organised 5KM Run on Republic Day.

In the middle of the week.

Diary Entry # 3

The days are usually the same. I mean I sleep at almost five or six in the morning. And wake up around ten or eleven. And today I planned to go to a Park to fuel my hobby which is photography. I lazily woke up and got ready. But wasn't sure whether I should go or not. I Googled the park and even saw for the images so that I could have a raw idea whether there is something noteworthy of clicking. I also checked the bus route for the park on Google Maps. But then again, I was in a big dilemma whether to go or not.

Later the day before, the Facebook Graph search has been enabled for me as I had signed up for it a week ago. My friend says it is going to revolutionalise the search engine. To which his friend comments saying that "No matter how great the Facebook Graph Search will be, people would still search about it in Google". He has got a point there. Anyway, here is the draft look of how it looks. It searches for all the associated things.

Facebook Graph Search
This new search tool is cool. But I don't use it that often, unless I have to stalk someone. 

Moving on, there is an awesome app on Facebook which I just got addicted to : Bitstrips. It is really a cool app. You can create your own avatar. And then you can even create some conversations with your friends. More over, you can even create your friends avatar as well. The whole previous night, I was busy making my avatar and if I am not wrong, I made the coolest one for myself, and obviously it looks like me. So here is the snapshot. 

And today, I was actually busy creating some funny strips. While some of my friends were asking me "Hey, that looks exactly like you!" . Duh! I created it to look like me, so obviously it will look like me only, right. 

So, here are some of the other strips from my creation. And I would be uploading one each day, hopefully. [ One of AK's tactic to post something or the other when he is out of damn ideas. ] 

The Punctual Guy. Of course that would be me. And one pretending. 
That's my bro suggesting me a topic.
Me, before going to the park for taking photos.
Me,  After coming back empty handed without a single photo.
More of these will come soon, or rather daily. And I must say, you must also try out. Its' pretty cool. And may be you can make one strip like this appreciating my blog, or the opposite. I think I have spent a lot of time doing literally nothing. 

Oh! No! Not sleeping yet. Got some tv series to watch. :D

Until later
Ajay Kontham 2013.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes when I am alone, I cry

I slowly drift into Dreams
In the middle of the Day
Weaving and drawing, A story
In the empty sky, which is still a Mystery.

The white snowy clouds
Carpeting my incomplete stories
The birds flying and singing
Add music to the dull mysteries.

The sweet innocent rain
Cleaning the inaccuracies of my artwork
The cold breezy wind
Lamenting and carrying to places unknown.

But the reality defies my imagination
As the castles I built
In the imaginary walls of thoughts
Seem to be stumbling and falling.

Ruining the pleasant sky
The World turns Red
As the Sun dawns into darkness
I slowly gulp the unhappiness.

Then Again, The sky is clear
My imaginary creations wiped off. But,
The sky doesn't look the same
As it fails to inspire, like it did before.

Life seems to be tangled
Uncaring and ungrateful
I try to find myself
Among the multitude of people.

But I am lost, walking alone
Through the rugged stories.
From people, I hear the life adventures
Which I wish were mine.

But time seems to be friendly
Just like most people I know
Robs me most of it, 
As I just stand witnessing.

Hope is all I have
Strong, I try to stand
But weak, I'm from inside
Which finds me too dear.

A smile lives on my lips
Buried beneath the pain
Too agonizing it is, Because 
Sometimes when I am alone, I cry.

 -  Ajay Kontham  ©  2013

Written for Carry on Tuesday.

Monday, February 25, 2013

In a Days' Work.

In a Days' Work, I mean without work.
Diary Entry # 2

My daily routine does't comprise of anything special. I mean nothing at all. It just has eating, sleeping, sometimes reading and then repeat. Yeah! Pretty much it, like I mentioned in my previous posts as well, I guess. So, anyway, I decided to go out somehow. A movie perhaps. That sounded like a good idea. I go online to see the movies that are playing and check the show timings. After checking all out, it was concluded that I'd go for the first show the next morning, which is today. And also I had a free burger coupon at McDonalds, which would expire by this month end. So, if I could go like an hour before the show timing, I could grad my free Burger and later enjoy the movie as well.

The alarm snoozed for like half an hour or so. One of my roommate has to go to office early, like at 0900 hours. That's the normal office timings right! Yeah, I guess. I have never been to office, so far. So, I wake up after half and hour. And the show was exactly half an hour later. Oh,!@#$@#! After cursing for a little while, I check the timings for the next show. That sounded acceptable. So, I get ready to go for the movie.

In the meantime, I got a message from one of my friend. He asks me about what my plans for today. Now there is a little history with this guy. He is just like me, Jobless with a Job. And we pretty much hang out together, sometimes. First time, he asked me about going for Go-Karting to which I agreed to come. And that idea was kept due to the latest possible time available. But when I was going for the IndiBlogger's Meet, he messaged me then asking whether I was up for that Go-Karting or not. To which I had said that I was already on my way to the meet and I can't possibly come to that. So, he referred that  as "Giving a Hand", a sarcastic remark for otherwise known as betrayal/something like that. Second time, he goes to a movie without even asking me. So, I tease him with the same reference which he made at me. Then, suddenly out of the blue I go to a park to click some photos and fortunately there was some event going on there - Flower Show for Republic Day. Luckily, I got a chance to click some amazing flowers that day. And I didn't ask him as I thought he wasn't interested in visiting a Garden. Well, who does, unless you have a gf/bf. Or a Camera, in my case. :P . Now that reference was back at me. 2 counts on my side and 1 count on his. Then, he asks whether we were playing Cricket for the weekend, so that he could also join us. Yeah, of course. We could need an few more players. So, I call him for the game on the weekend. And he was already busy playing one game in the locality. Though he does't like playing there, and he said he would come but never turned up. Now, a point on his side. So, for the next couple of days and weeks, I'd get every possible chance to increase his score. And he has a very high score, if I must say. 

So, when he asked me about my plans for today, I replied that I was thinking about going for a movie. To which he immediately replies with the reference. I tried to convince him that I too wan't sure about going, which I wasn't until he messaged. But he never stopped. saying that I was Giving a Big Hand. I even asked him whether he would come. I knew he wouldn't and replied the same . And anyway, I went to the Movie "A Good Day to Die Hard". Ate a free Burger and watched the movie. 

The Movie.

Total Crushing - The first action scene has so much crushing that I can't even describe. There is this Strong Muscular Hard Metallic Army Truck which smashed into every car on the road. Crushed the hood, the rear, the everything of the car. Total Fatality. If it was in real life, it would cost hundreds of millions of damage. No kidding. The plot was tricky, yet nice. Then of course, when there is Bruce Willis, there is obviously some action and a lot of Guns. So, I would say you should watch that movie, well at least once. It will be worth your money. I stopped speaking about the movie, b'cuz I am too bad at reviewing. 

Pretty much for one day, I guess. Wait! There is some more. Oh No! Sorry, what ? The moon was shining in its beauty and in its full shape, I guess, well it seems totally round and really big and scarily close. I get back to my room after a coffee, get my Camera out and start clicking. Boom! The moon seems to be much smaller than I could see with my naked eye. Even after zooming the maximum extent. Guess what? I need a new and better Telephoto lens. Damn! The wish list keeps piling up and the worst - I haven't struck out even one. #FML. And just a while back, I went to the terrace to get my cloths. And there it is was - Big, White, Shining. I would like to capture that beauty. Dear Camera! You let me down. :( 

- Ajay Kontham [ 2013 ]

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Diary Entry # 1

I drift away with a slow-soothing music while my mind keeps churning its unimaginable thoughts out of nowhere known. The thoughts keeps jumping and hopping being too unstable that they are. I just can't keep to just one thought. And I am confused at that. I get certain vibes that I am not normal. Of course, I ain't no Normal. I'm extraordinary! Well, I was kidding. Phew! Who didn't know that fact? It is all scrambled up here, up in my mind which seems to be like, I-don't-know-whats-going-on kind of. I am confused, I guess. Or Just I am Crazy, may be.

I had planed to go for a movie. But then again, my mind deceives me of the time that I wake up. I sleep some more. I am an insomniac person, you know ! So, I don't sleep at nights. By the I hit the bed, it is almost six in the early morning. Go Figure! And the first show for the movie is generally at ten. And I wake up at exact nine to brush and then again at twelve for lunch, I guess! Then what luck may have overtook the little patience that I had, the bloody Power goes off. And that stays like that till eight in the night. And what do I do ? Don't even get me started. Because there is nothing, of course. First of all, My Laptop is just awesome. It just stays alive for a maximum period of 5-10 minutes. Yeah! Isn't it awesome! Bazinga! And I take out of my to-read-novel-since-past-few-weeks and start reading. I complete like 3 pages with out a break - lightening fast and then realize I am feeling sleepy. I close my eyes for like 5 minutes. Boom, Its half past seven. I get confused. I try to think hard. How can I, I mean Me , sleep for that long? After hitting my head over the wall for quite some time and not getting anywhere with any answer, I retire to my phone which seems to be almost-dying while it flashes "Low Battery" repeatedly. If it hadn't given me warning messages, probably it could last for another ten to fifteen minutes. I curse it. I curse the time. I curse almost everything at that moment. This is pretty much how the week days go by recently these days. Happened twice this week - So it is a routine, right ? 

That thing - The SnoBowling.

So, I get busy playing some awkward Facebook games at afternoons, when I get a message from one of my friend saying that lets go to McD for lunch. I had a hard time believing that because that guy is not really a McD (McDonald) guy because he always complains about it saying that he can't eat the bread, and its related things. So, yeah, I gulp the confusion ad ask him what's happening? He just replies that he is hungry and to meet him at the bus stop asap. I go and order something, then eat it also. After eating an extra free burger, we went to a Mall as planned to spend the little amount of money we had. I had just taken some money from the ATM forecasting what might go down later. So the first thing we do after going to a Mall is go for a game of Bowling. Let me tell you, I am too good that I get too bad at scoring points. The game seems so simple. The first time I hit a Strike. Wow! I pat myself. But the remaining Nine times, just goes into the pits hitting the least and me ending with the least score possible. And I hate having the least score. And I try to use techniques at which I clearly seem to be failing over and over again. One of my friends has had a sort of Online self-coaching through the famous YouTube. He tries to exactly do the same, but fails at implementing the exact styles but there is still a catch. He scores a perfect score most of the times. Time flies by pretty fast and the Game is over and I stand second in the scores. 

What do we do next? Snooker! Hell Yeah! We kind of feel like professionals at the play holding the cue and all that but when it comes to striking the ball, we quite sometimes don't even touch it. I have seen people playing the game. It looks so simple. And I, myself am good at the game called Carrom. And I bet I am too good. Because of that game, I was made the freaking Sports-Captain in my ninth standard. So, figure that! And "This snooker is child's play", I think in my mind. But the reality seems to defy my mind. Oh Man! I tell you, Its a highly skill game. It is just about hitting, but about precision, physics, the speed,  the presumption, the anticipated-outcome, like things. So we start the game. First of all, I had difficulty holding the cue itself, then it was hitting at the center of the ball, then guiding it to the hole. That is clearly not as easy as it seems. Sometimes I hit the empty air losing my balance and all that. 

The practice game was over. We go for another round of Bowling after some virtual-stimulation bike race and some hammer fists games. This time I use maths and physics to play the game of Bowling. But Guess what! Seems like I am too bad at both of them. This time I was third. Damn! I need to do better next time. Then there was another round of Snooker and more money was spent at the games. All games were done. Oh no! Not exactly. We were out of money, literally NIL Balance. So, we were compelled to come back to our rooms with empty pockets. 

Too much for one day. 
Over and Out. 
Ajay Kontham [2013]

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Reply.

I was literally out of topics/content/ideas/whatever to write about! So I ended up with this self letter from My-Mind, in my previous post. 

Dear AK , 

How's it going ? I mean What the hell is wrong with you? How have you been? I mean What the hell are you doing? Lets' get this straight. Wth is going on ? 

.... Read More ? Here! ( Small Suggestion : Don't! ) 

Sincerely & Frustrated.

So, One of the response from a dear blogger read like this : 

" Hmph .. so it is something called as Writer's Block in common man's term. A serious virus that makes a writer restless and the ideas keep buzzing in the head and the fingers just refuse to release those thoughts in words. Happens. A lot many times. 

But wait, did you say under-used or unused? No way!! You know you write awesome (as you do. Dont shake your head in no this time). But you said you just can't write, right? Maybe there is so much you want to express that all the thoughts are running a rat race in your mind and you just don't know which one should come first?

or maybe you think all the fame and appreciation which should be pouring like rain are just coming as drizzle? Soft and Slow, quite contrary of heavy rain? Or is it coz of too many things you want to do, and are confused what exactly you 'really' want to do? Stop wearing many hats. I think most of us writers do that, and when time comes to wear our own hat, we seem to get stuck. We just don't know as 'I' what should we write. Something unique, something that's thoughtful, something that's expressive, something simple, something of deep meaning, and what not? Isn't it? Just don't let the confusion take over you.

As simple as listening to your fav tracks (with eyes closed. Open eyes often carry you to fantasy land, sometimes of the lyrics itself). Or stop being lazy and click those amazing photographs which you again are a king at. Do anything that will dissolve or keep you far away from writing. Try to distance yourself and forget for sometime you write. (But yourself busy when you are away from it. An empty mind is a devil's workshop you know..)And then coem back and write, just write , without any thoughts as to how would other perceiev your writign as or will others stop reading you. 

Do what pleases you. You are going to live with yourself till you die. So forget rest other things. 

Phew .. was that advice helpful? :P Its from a very well (read less) experienced blogger :P 

Bdw I am going to read the haiku you have written. More advice there :P (i hope you get so irritated with such long long advices, so that you pull out some of your hairs and start saying 'Please stop that lecture. Never will I say I can't write :P) "

Could this be any more awesome comment? Just tell me! 
For a second, I was stunned. I mean literally stunned looking at it. I scrolled up to see my post and compared the lengths just to find that my post was way too smaller than this sweet comment.

I have to say, That was inspiring indeed! Isn't it ?
I had to post this. Come on, It is the one of the sweetest and inspiring comment I had ever received. It would be ...hmm.. sort-of-a-crime.. if I hadn't appreciated the time that this blogger took to write and also not to mention the pain taken to read through the Whole Post. :P (Oh! Yeah, My posts are seriously pain-stricken 

There is a line in between the comment which read as "...Its from a very well (read less) experienced blogger."
Though I didn't read the "bracketed parameters", whatever it was. But so as to clear the air and avoid any further confusion - This person would say less-experienced / less-talented / Synonyms-to-the-just-mentioned, but the reality is entirely opposite. Yeah! Hard to believe that someone could be that talented at writing, but we have to. No Question there. 

Was this advice helpful? Hell Yeah! But Its' me all over again. I am a feeble-minded and slow also, take time to grasp the advice, or you could say I am slow at learning things. So, time will be my competitor and hope that people don't have to waste too much of their time to educate the stubborn-guy. :P 

[From other side of the mind, AK's Alter Ego Comments...]

Nicely Done, buddy. *Wink*. 
I know what you did there! I know
You were again left clueless about what to write, so ended up appreciating one of the comments. 
Nice Move. Real Smooth, innit? 



Deceiving Lies
Be strong, Be Courageous. Stand
For Truth, For Justice.


Deceiving Lies
Destroying Pity Lives. Stand
Courageously for Justice.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Courage.

a. The First One : Original - Felt more like a statement than a Haiku.
b. Tried to mend it a little. 

P.S. I seemed to have lost touch of writing Haiku. This one doesn't sound promising, I know - Sry. Have to get back to my usual self - to write better, of course.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Letter.

Dear AK , 

How's it going ? I mean What the hell is wrong with you? How have you been? I mean What the hell are you doing? Lets' get this straight. Wth is going on ? 

The Sun shines bright in the morning, clear as sky and damn pleasant. The wind that blows is just cool enough to make you feel comfortable and forget whatever the hell that is you are thinking. The Night, ah, the nights, that cold breeze that flows due to the after effects of the little monsoon rain. Do you have any idea how good that feels, that smell, that atmosphere, and all the bla bla things ? But still I find you lost. Are you planning anything big? Hell No. Are you making any life-altering medicine? Hell No. Are you preparing for any exams/ studying anything? Do I need to repeat the 'No' answer? 

So, What is that you are doing? What happened to your writings? 
I used to appreciate myself when you gave me work to do, something to make me work, something to keep me alive/whatever! But now, you are just ignoring and filling me with all the cr@p. And do you have any idea what that context you fill me with contains beneath the crap title (which I named it) - All the things that are simply impossible. Wake up. 

Some while back, I used to feel good, when you started that Haiku (5-7-5) thing. That gave me something to ponder over, something to keep me busy searching for the variety and things I haven't even heard of. And to add to it, there was a lot of other stuff as well, creative stuff. Now, I feel like under-used / not used at all. 

So what's going on? What happened to your thinking part? The Creative part ? Are you losing it? Because if this goes like this, You might not find me anymore. I know about your passion for writing. I am having doubts whether it is called passion anymore. Because I just can't find it in you any more. I know what you keep thinking all the time. You want to write about this, about that, about every freaking thing that you see. But do you ? I see something fascinating and interesting, but what happens to you when it comes to pen them down. Why do you give it a pass? And ultimately forget about it! 

Not Cool, dude. Not cool at all. Wake up. You need to start again. Kick-Start, Super-Kick Start, may be. Or else you will just become obsolete and forgotten, in a matter of few days. So, get yourself into one piece and start working on what you do best

Sincerely & Frustrated.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

That Love.

What beauty you withhold
That clenches my heart
That spins me into dreams
That makes me go Crazy

Among the distant shades,
Various shadows of people
You seems so clear, so vivid
While I remain a shadow!

Emptiness that my heart holds, 
You fill it with your warmness.
Your smile, so fulfilling
Your Beauty, so ecstatic.

Illuminated by your charm, 
I am at loss of words
To express how I feel, 
How you make me feel.

What magic you know
What spell you put
What sorcery you performed
To bind me in your thoughts.

I sometimes, find myself
Losing to the melody of your beauty
Drowning in your warm smile
Sleeping with your dreams.

So close you feel, in thoughts
Yet so far. I wish
You know what I felt, 
What you did to me.

Compelled I am, to ask God
Just to make you my life, 
With the eternal love
I find in you. 

- Ajay Kontham  ©  2013

As Written in Winged Dreams.

Thursday, February 14, 2013



Amassing Worldly Possessions
Selfish with Greed, That
Can't buy Happiness.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Greed.

Absurd Randomness - Love? Wth!

When  I hear the line "Love is in the Air", my immediate response is "Wth! The air smells of Dust, dump, what not!" And then I question myself "Is that even possible? - That - Love floating in the Air" And I have to discard the question immediately owing to my present situation - That me being Single. Haha. Right. As if I want to be in a relationship! Phew.

So, how does that even happen? - That people falling - in Love, I mean. I have heard stories, read some and saw some. What I saw are not that cool. Any how, How does anyone fall in the wonderful pit of Love. Ok! Fine! I am not that much fan Love, so you might get some strike-through(s) and well.. just keep an eye on all the negativity. So where was I ? Yeah, how does one fall? 

I see girls almost everywhere. And sometimes I am compelled to drop my jaw, practically. And exclaim "OMG". Seriously, I do that, in my mind though. Sometimes, the exclamation varies from "Holy Mother of God, Where do they come from" , sometimes, "Wth" (in a good way, I mean), "Seriously?" , and the list goes on. So, you get the point right? I was like that for a while, and literally I was at loss of words and minded my own business not making it my duty to look and Admire. Yeah! That's me admiring their beauty. And how can one not "love" such a person? I mean come on, look at them! Right, they are absolutely hot. And what am I there among all these melodrama - Just a spectator, Just a spectator. 

With that I came to a conclusion that how can just one person fall for one person. So, I brainstormed myself with all the possibilities. I hit some rock solid points. 
  • I have been living with friends at hostel, in room for quite sometime. And what I have understood is that how good one is a friend there are still some differences. And sometimes, the differences are the similarities and that's what makes them good or lets say, Best Friends. 
  • The Likes and Dislikes. 
  • The Ideologies and the perception.
  • The frankness and some sort of stupidity.
No, the list isn't over. I just ended it abruptly. It is very important to be in snyc with other's thoughts and interests. Else there would be heart-breaking and stuff like that. The similarities, the likes, dislikes , the frankness, humor, the charm, bla bla things and of course, the physic and body. When these are in synchronous with two people, obviously they are more likely to fall, in love , of course, right? And hey, I have no fudging idea about that! So, help me out here.

When I was a child, like I was in seventh standard, a friend, more like a classmate of mine, who happens to be sitting besides me pulled out a stunt. And by then I had crushes, who didn't? And mine started like in second or third standard. Call me weird! Well, what can I say? It was like that. So, what happened was that it was early January and the classes were going on just like every other day. Meanwhile, My bench-mate pulls of a safety pin and pierces into his thumb. We were supposed to read something and I was busy scribbling at the back of my notes, actually practicing my signature. I glanced him while he was busy pinning his thumb and then writing something with it on a piece of paper. I was shocked for a while and didn't understand why he was pinning his hand and what the hell he was writing with it. He covered it so that no one could see what he was writing. Later in the lunch break he revels it to us. And there was this girl who happens to have a Birthday on the same day. So, he plucks a flower from the school garden and tells one of my other friends to give it to her, The Birthday Girl. Almost half of us were against it and were warning him not to do that as it was her B'day and if she doesn't like it , it might spoil her b'day. And he was being a coward to give it himself. The aftermath, she didn't like the idea and did that stop him, he wrote another and another. He seemed crazy, like fudged up crazy. The next day, she comes school with Rakhi(s), one for each boy in the class. Yeah, that was when I first witnessed the first ever dumb proposal ever. 

And when time flew by, it became even more complicated. What do the girls see in boys? or Should I ask - What do they want to see in boys that pleases their interest? For boys, mostly, just good-looking is enough at this time. But people still get to the question which annoys me a lot : Do you have a gf? And I go like - Are you seriously kidding me? Isn't it obvious? I spend like 15-18 hours a day over the internet, and if the power's down novels. I have an interest in(read: Love) photography but too lazy to go out. I am online social person. I haven't talked to a girl for like in 6 years, except the internet chats. Weird, right? I agree with you, bro. As a matter of fact, I don't talk to most people (other than girls) as well #JustSaying.  And I am an extremely shy person, Go figure. So, yeah, I am not at all a boy-friend material. Even after explaining all this, they again ask that freaking question. And in their defense they say, I am handsome - Dress Stylish - Good Looking than them, and some other nonsense stuff. So, here's the truth - I ain't any of those mentioned. Seriously, where do they get that from? Can't they just look at me and get to a conclusion that they are just better. Phew! People and their absurd imagination. And stop asking me that question. Or Wait! Are you people mocking me / making fun of me? If you, you got yourself a problem buddy. 

I got carried away. Big Time. So, yeah love. The concept that is totally alien to me. Here I am referring to the young-love. You get it right? And all other sorts of love like the parents one, bla bla things hold an entirely different story, whatsoever. And I ain't talking about that stuff. That is authentic - and anything we speak of it would be less and probably I would be making it much worse with my horrid explanation and stuff. 

I think I should end this now. I have no f#'ing idea what I wrote. I was supposed to write about something and ended up with something I don't even know. And if you read this, come on! You did? Don't you have any better plans for today? Go on, enough of this nonsense and get on with your life, love and enjoy. I have that Game on Facebook to play right now. 

And Love is in the Air! No kidding, man. No kidding. 
Bazinga! I was Kidding. Come on, don't sniff it. Just Feel it. If you don't feel it, look arounf yourself, you will definitely find what I actually meant. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Luscious Kiss.


Raging Passion
Two Souls Unite, Red
Luscious Kiss.

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights under the prompt Red.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Dreams.


Re-freshened Soul
In Morning Glory
New Dreams.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem Imagination under the prompt 'Morning Glory' and the inspiration is the Photo above. 

Dance in Bliss.


Dry and Withering
Spring Rain Sings, Flowers
Dance in Bliss.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Spring Rain.

Sunken Melody.

The Sun drowned into Night
Danced in Patience
Sang in Silence
While I sank in darkness.

The sweetness of the Song, 
Felt Bitter in its Melody.
The Pleasant wind that blew, 
Felt Harsh in my face.

Days swirled into Nights,
And Nights into Days
Time was an enemy,
For it never cared about me.

The Morning sunshine, Beautiful
Yet, Felt like a raging Fire.
The refreshing Nights, Peaceful
Yet, Felt like a sleepless fright.

Confusion surrounded the Patience, 
Anger rose beneath the Softness.
But I was lost, wandering, searching for solace
Escaping from Life, from Myself.

It never stopped, no matter what!
Disheartened, I was. Until Someone said
"Life is too Short,
To Work so Hard."

Left Everything to follow my Dream
Struggled beyond my capability,
Until, I felt the Beautiful Sunshine
The Pleasant Night and the Melodious Song.

© Ajay Kontham [2013] 

-Written for Carry on Tuesday.

P.S. : Agreed! The title doesn't make any sense. 

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