Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 149.

The day started fading in the misty rain that lashed the surface for over a hour. Time flew by and the rain was not monotonous. It had its times on a single evening as the evening gave rise to night. The full moon which illuminated the roads the other day which usually contained tints of sodium vapor lamp is no where to be seen. My time had dawned upon me to make my way back home. But it was raining, raining like there's no tomorrow. I belong to the adamant lot. I walked the slippery roads slowly drenching in the cold water droplets that hit harder than the canon ball falling from the sky. I was in a state of oblivion of what was going on around me. A slow music filled the atmosphere inside the rather unstable mind of perpetual thoughts giving a little room for the thought bubbles to take a break. But it knew me too well, the thought process was never far from me as they started getting populated the time I felt them leaving. What was I thinking? The something I wish I could tell, but the same holds my thoughts to see the daylight or at least the night-darkness. 

The other day I was supposed to give an exam. The exam was divided into two phases. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I really don't understand why people would want to kill anyone twice. Seriously, why ? I belonging to the most intelligent lot started the exam without even know the exam format or even the time frame until I entered the exam hall. Now if you ask me did I prepare for that exam? I would have to reply with a big NO. The phase of self-immolation was complete, ok! not with fire, for the time being lets call the 'what-the-hell-are-these' questions! Now, for the Phase II there was a time gap of three hours. I slowly walked down the street, took a public transport, paid double the fare (felt like punching him in the face) because I was no mood of an argument and also that my "English" is just an alien language to him and as a matter of fact "Hindi" as well. Mc Donalds was the stop and there was where I had my lunch. It took about half an hour for all that. I cursed myself for being so fast, though I made sure I had all the time in the world and did exactly like that. But don't know everything was over in thirty minutes. And the best thing that could happen is my phone flashing " Battery Empty. Please Recharge". I turned to my iPod, unlocked it only to find 2% battery remaining. I had to exclaim at the happenings. Thank you so much God. I came back to the exam center with my dead phone and almost dying music only to find a bunch of people made their place on the stairs outside the exams center and banging their heads with different kinds of books in their hands and all around them. 

It was then I saw a person looking calm as if there is nothing to worry about. He climbed the stairs and found a suitable place. Well, like everybody else he too took out a book after a lot of thinking. I just wondered what he thinking to do that. What shocked me was that he took out a novel and started reading it. A few heads turned twice to see exactly what he was reading but he didn't bother to give them any attention as is he was busy and seriously preparing himself for an exam. Two hours went by and he was still reading the same novel flicking the pages faster than I could. A bell rang to inform the exam will begin in some time. It was then I saw the same person staring at me, in the reflection on the mirror by the side of the wall. Oh Damn! That was me! 

Hello there, 
I know I haven't made myself visible for quite some time. Hope you remember me. Right? No? What yaar ? I was out for a few days and people forget me in this couple of days? Not fair. Not cool either! I was just wondering how can anyone forget me ! Well, let me introduce myself if you are still wondering who is this guy typing in red. I am the Alter Ego as they call. But I call myself the fair side of the coin. Because I tell the truth, unbiased truth. 

So, now that I have made your acquaintance, I suppose and wish to see you more often and do write me letters. I like the printed words. Well, moving on. You might as well ask, 'Where the hell I have been?' Well, to point out I have always been here and around here. But I was deep lost in contemplation and plotting about how to handle the neatly dug pit which people are trying to push me into. Yeah, I am busy trying to find a solution to held this rather ignorant-adamant-arrogant guy, AK. But after frustrating myself with the headache and not-going-anywhere plot, I gave up considering the fact that they pit is at least neatly dug for this guy's convenience, though I don't say it is a good one to stay in the first place, but I guess somethings are inevitable. But again, I am not backing off. Given time and a little more that frustration, I will have to vent out and believe me, when I do that it is not a nice image and would recommend you all to stay out and never give a look. 

Well, I am back. I will back with more. Time is clearly is not on my side at all. Bloody Hell, man. AK goes to office. And he used the time to skim through a few pages of some novel which keeps me entertained in the journey to and fro. And the time in between, I think of the plot to stop all this. AK returns back opens his laptop and tries to write. He thinks way to hard to write a single word. And lastly gives up when he goes no where near a single word. I keep myself busy with flashes of the beautiful people I came across by the day. Come on, give me a little space, a little freedom, will ya? What else do you expect me to do, huh ? Anyways, AK dozes off and wakes up to the morning alarm with is is in its hundredth 'snooze'. He cursed the time and he is back on the way to office. See, no time to write at all. And also no time for me too. But I am planning to change that. Pretty Soon.

Until Later, 
Lemme rephrase that.

Sooner than Later,
The Guy in the Hat.
Have a Great Day. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

9 Day Streak.

Day 23, Thursday
Things you've learned that school won't teach you

The things that I was so intelligent to  learn on my own that school was unable to teach me? Let me point out one thing when I am on this topic. School has taught me a lot of things. But the thing that I don't use half of it, or should I say anything at all is another story altogether. So, what have I learned on my own? Frankly speaking, I don't recollect anything as such. Or is it something like I learnt everything on my own which I wasn't able to do the same at school. The pin-pointing is something a little too difficult. Because if not all, a little bit role is played by school also. After all, I ain't no genius. 

Day 24, Friday
Your top 3 worst traits

1. Less Talking : I usually talk. But I do that on a very calculated, or should I say less than necessary. I really don't know the reason. I just happened to be like this. And if you comparing me(outside this blog-space) with this person(again me) who is just writing and think that 'This guy is a chatterbox here on his blog, so he should be the same everywhere' , just let me stop you there. I am exactly the opposite. I find it better to exaggerate things here that are not totally present in reality. So, you see, you can assume that I am telling lies half of the time, or all the time. You caught me. 

So, last weekend I went to a movie with a new friend. And he offered me a lift back home. After the movie, while we were returning he asked 'You talk less. Why?' To which I replied the same answer the millionth time that I am like that only. But he didn't stop there. He continued saying, 'Are you having any troubles, life problems or something like that', and before I could say anything, he continued saying, 'We all have problems'. I just laughed and replied that there was no such thing going on with me. 

2. Stage-Fear : I guess I have talked about this a hundred times over. Consider this as the worst trait ever. I have tried my best and that turned out to be the worst. May be given some time and repeated exposure may help, but as of now, I still suck.

3. The People Talk : I have a habit of writing almost everything that comes to my mind. I repeat everything. So, sometimes I write centering some person or the other and explaining my side of the story how I feel and believe me I don't hold anything back. So, I an idiot that way. I don't intend to change myself. So, my advice - Stay away from me. 

Day 25, Saturday
Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)

Someone always tells something or the other about me. And believe me when I say it is not good, all the time. But that something that will never forget? Nothing rings a bell. Sorry about that.

Day 26, Sunday
Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.

Come on. Not again. I read a lot of things online. As a matter of fact I do everything online. I don't even read the daily newspaper that comes to my doorstep every morning. So, when I do the reading thing, which is practically online all the time, I am bound to stumble on something fascinating all the time. And if I were to link all those fascinating things that I came across online, this would be a never ending post. Believe me on that. You must see my bookmark list. That was supposed to easily access the links, but the list is that long that I have to scroll up and down like a hundred times to actually come to the one I was looking for. So, you get the point right. Again, I have to apologize here not being helpful to this topic in any way. 

Day 27, Monday
A letter to your readers

Dear Readers, 

First of all let me thank you for being so generous to drop by my blog every other day and read. And thank you for leaving your precious thoughts on whatever I write. I agree with you that what I write isn't the best of all, that I am still learning and that your comments help me to better myself. And in the course of time, I would like to better than what I a m now at writing. 

Now, I sincerely apologize for not being able to drop by your blog regularly, and in the recent past I haven't even visited any of the blogs at all. I regret that a lot. I try to make the best of time to read as much as possible but the thing that I myself am unable to write a post concludes that time is not on my side at all. 

The Guy-failing-to-read-your-posts.

Day 28, Tuesday
 Only pictures

 This is what goes in my mind all the time......
Inside my mind - The Peace. 
The Rising Star.

Now, you must have realized that it is so wrong to ask a photographer to add photos. Because there are so many photos in the hard disk that it makes very difficult to pick one and just post here. I could go on and on and transfer all my GigaByte(s) worth of photos and that it would be too difficult for the server to handle that huge data flow by the server. So, I am leaving here with three. Okay, don't ask what? why? I just picked up randomly.

Day 29, Wednesday
Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

Sad : Blues, Instrumental
Normal : Rock +  Hip Hop  + Electronic + Metal + Rap + Pop
Happy : Blues + Rock +  Hip Hop  + Electronic + Metal + Rap + Pop

Almost all that comes in that category. Are you feeling that I am just impossible, that I am just at all clear at any time. 

Day 30, Thursday
 React to this term: Letting Go

Recently, I have acquainted myself with a word which shouldn't be used. Though my resolution does say not to use that particular word. But yeah, F#*k. So, when someone tells me let go of something, seriously, F4 you. (Ok, I deciphered it here.)

Now on a serious note. You were being serious in the previous para, how much more serious do you want to be? Does that involve shouting at the top of your voice? or may be write in bold letters increasing the font size, huh? Letting Go. I don't usually do that so easily. Because when I start something, I get a little attached to it, even if it is nothing or doesn't need hmm..erm.. that much attention, you can say. So, letting go is not my forte. It will take a lot time to completely let go. 

Day 31, Friday
 A vivid memory

I am sorry. But who am I? I don't well remember my name. *Thinks hard* . *Thinks really hard*. Sorry, just can't recollect myself or who I am. So, when you ask about my vivid memory - which memory were you talking about? How will the people (the readers) possible know what your memory is? Dumbass. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 21 - Ranting.

Day 22, Wednesday
Rant about something. 
Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. 
(a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

What ticks me off? Wrong Question. The question must be like What doesn't tick you off?   And these days, the intensity of the ticking process has escalated to new heights. I have no idea what I might do when it crosses the threshold limit. Where do I even start ? 

Blind Eye
There are something people do not know, I repeat do not know. Well may be they know how it works and all, but they really don't know how it works. So, on occasions it so happens that we need to meet the deadlines. Now mind it, deadlines are there every time. What is not there is the accepting part! Some people nod and nod and agree and promise to meet the deadlines, not knowing exactly how to meet up. Do they have strategy? Oh, well they do. Pick some new guys and assign the work. That's how the system works. Now the ticking off part - When the statistics show that a specific thing can't be achieved in a stipulated time frame, no matter what, and still there is no change in the deadline part. What I don't understand is that which part of that statistics they didn't understand that they still want to continue. 

People with Needs: 
There are always people and there are always needs. As you might have already known I am self reserved silent guy. So, that makes sure that I don't indulge in much conversations and as a matter of fact no conversations. Now there are people whom I call friends. The thing is that they never call either. So, once in a while they need some help with something. They send a text. Yeah, seriously a text? Well, Ok fine. I try to help and make sure they get what they needed. Now, I am just some unknown guy whom they never met in their entire life. And after a little while I get a text. What the hell is wrong with people? Or is it me, for being ..erm..lets say.. nice ? 

What else does tick me off? 

a. When my laptop takes a break and stops working altogether. You have no idea what I feel like. In my mind I have smashed the laptop a hundred times over.

b. When I have to explain a simple thing over and over and over and over again. Believe me, one more time someone asks me to repeat, the aftermath won't be a pleasant one.

c. Roommates talking about something they shouldn't. I think I have talked at length about what they talk in the previous posts. Well, you don't have to go back, just get this that what they talk isn't a bit nice in any way.

Oh, Wait! I say the rant and continuing my ranting process and believe me it will be a pretty long post. Like I said, the topic should have been, what doesn't make me tick off? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's up ? Nothing much.

What's up ? Nothing much. 

1. It was a fairly rainy day in summer. The heat can consumed by the cold splashing droplets. I enjoy rain, as I always do. And if I didn't had any work, like go to a office or something like that, I wouldn't mind getting a little wet. And mind it, in that process of getting a little wet, I get fully drenched in the cold water. And I wouldn't take cover. I wouldn't run. I would let myself get the full of the rain. Now imagine this. A guy walking in the heavy rain slowly and carefully covering himself with a umbrella. But here the guy is me minus the umbrella. I would walk as if the rain wasn't falling at all. Yeah, I turn a few head who definitely think what an idiot I am. But I don't really give a damn about them. So, if you see some guy walking in a rain as if it is one sunny morning (minus the umbrella) , that would be me.

2. I have always liked the sling bag. But I couldn't get the one I liked for a very long time.  May be I didn't search for it much. And when I finally found one, I had no second thoughts. Before I got hold of it, I had a similar thing when I got the laptop. But that wasn't the same. This one was not as appealing as I wanted my bag to be. But still, I used it to carry my laptop here and there. So, one of my cousin who is no older than 4 years spots me with it all the time. So, whenever he sees someone with a sling bag, he would call my name. Well, anyway I still use it. And I take it to office these days, I mean since I started going to office. What I observed is that no one uses a bag like this. Oh well there are these laptop bags which look like mine but plus the laptop. So, I was thinking whether it is very odd or it is just fine. Yeah, I know. No one usually cares, but still. 

3. The office computers are dead slow. Believe me when I say dead slow, you can literally take it as dead. So, what they did was upgrade the systems from 1GB RAM to 4GB RAM.Yeah, that's cool. But the thing is that we use a client remote desktop which is literally on the other side of the world. And that connection my friend, is the dead slow part. Now, these people have deadlines to meet as does anyone.  So, when they upgraded the system, they were hoping to increase the productivity of the same. But even if anyone of us get a super-computer, the productivity can't be increased unless someone does something about the connection to the remote computer on the other side of the world. A concern is raised on the same over and over again, but you might have figured that if I am writing this, then a lot of progress is really going on about it indeed. 

4. So, I was saying in the previous posts about the deadlines, right? About that, the time is critical now. But there is a lot of inconsistency in the work that we do which is another story. Anyways, to facilitate the meeting of deadline they added a few more people doubling the already existing staff working on the same thing. First of all, I don't have a clue of what I do. Well, I know a few things, the basics that to be fairly and nothing more that. The new guys are told to sit with me and observe what I do and in the process teach them. Kill me for the questions they ask. I have never asked that many questions in my life. Now to the answering part of those questions - I don't know half, or should I say most of the questions. But what I know is that they don't know that. Lucky for me, I build up my own answers and explain them as if I also know the application backward. And what they feel is that I know almost everything. And that's what bothers me when they find out that I was staling them with concepts unknown all the way along.

5. I have been spending a lot of money on food lately. This doesn't sound strange to you? Oh! Well, the thing is that I would skip off a meal in the nights occasionally. And these days, I am failing to do that. I really don't know why! And is the food that I eat is healthy, you ask? Oh, you aren't asking? Am I asking myself? May be. So...

The Junk-Food Freak


Catching up...

Day 19, Sunday
Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

a.  0 ÷ 0 | The Undefined by Keirthana

b. DЯΣΛMƧ by Wanderer

d. A few words of a dumb heart by Namrata 

e. Live Your Life by Green Speck

f. Journey of Dreams by adreamygal

g. Memoirs of Me  by Me

h. Speaking My Heart by Mani Khanna

i. The Sweet Life  by Krazzy Ki


Day 20, Monday
Get real. 
Share something you're struggling with right now.


Right now, you ask? Well, writing for one thing. I clearly have no idea what's going on with me, but I am not at my best. I sit in front of my laptop thinking of writing some thought I got along the way. First of all, I don't even remember that thought and when I do, I don't remember the pretext of it. And then again, I don't want to write some random stuff and woe away the little follower-junta that I have. But clearly, I failed at that, I mean at writing some random stuff and that to meaningless, if I may say. I had been off lately and also as my bro says, "It seems like you are writing in a hurry". That sounds about right. But when I do get time, I just waste it looking at the ceiling of my room for long hours. 

Day 21, Tuesday
A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Wait! All my posts in the archives are my favorite. This would be a really really long post to cover then, or should I just drop a link to the whole of my blog, which you already know. You know right? Anyways, I still tried to look for one and I found many. The thing is that they are my favorites, but I can't be sure whether they would be liked by you as much as I do.

Poetry (Everything under this label)

Ah, man. I can't do this. I can't go through all the 400 posts or lets say post-titles. Yeah right, I should have already known my own favorites, but like I said there are many and pinpointing is a little bit difficult task. So, to simplify it, my favorite posts in my blog : 

Everything and anything in The Shaded Shadows™ !!!


Friday, May 17, 2013

The May Challenge Bundle.

Day 14, Tuesday
Ten things that make you really happy

Ten things that make me happy : 

1. Writing

2. Photography
3. Novels
4. Gadgets
5. Money
6. Movies
7. Jokes
8. Friends
9. Chocolates
10. You shouldn't know

Day 15, Wednesday
 A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

I think I already did this. Please find the following link useful.


Day 16, Thursday
Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

Ah, the topic sounded like a nice one at first. But as I dig deep into it, I started realizing, there is really a lot in life . So, it seems like I have to explain that so called lot in life difficulty. So, here is goes. The difficult part of that "lot in life" is life itself. I have heard people saying things about life ad how beautiful it is, or how can one make it so. I tried. I failed. I failed again. I withdrew the trying again notion from my mind. Now, people would fall upon me with new sayings or the old ones may be - Try and try, unless you succeed, or more like where there is a will, there is a way. 

The thing is that I am blinded and I am like the flock of sheep. I drift to where ever it might please. But at the end of the day, I realize that I have done some thing very terrible and should change my approach or anything that matters. The day ends and a new one begins and I do the exactly same thing I told myself not to do. 

Am I working on it? No. I never did. I thought I was working on it, but lets don't get dragged into assumptions and think bubbles. I never did and I am not sure I ever will. You ask me Why? I wish I knew the answer, Seriously! 

Day 17, Friday
A favorite photo of yourself and why

I actually laughed looking at this topic. I felt if I were to upload a favorite photo of myself, I don't think the server space dedicated to me could hold that much content. Well, anyways I am turning up with the most common & recent photo, common in the sense I just generalized this photo almost everywhere.

Why? Because it gave me a new name. I have always liked hats. And this photo doesn't reveal much of me than it says about the hat. Okay, that hat isn't some antique thing, but doesn't it look like that a photo of a hat with some guy in the middle or in this case below it. 

Day 18, Saturday
Tell a story from your childhood. 
Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

A memory from my childhood? I was like in the 3rd grade when we were playing and suddenly a guy puts a leg in front of me. I don't actually remember whether we were fighting or just playing. I don't think we were playing. I mean we were playing. Well the game must be as I hardly remember is the fighting game. I was once in a while involved in some sort of that game. The purpose behind that game is what I don't remember. But I have taken part in those fights quite often. What? Me? Fighting? Hard to believe? Welcome to reality! So, what happened was the leg and I fell. I fell on a small stone embedded in the soft lawn which was totally unseen. I fell on my head hitting that hard stone. Fortunately, my skull wasn't broken. But there was a lot of blood. Was I crying? I don't remember. I think I didn't. But then I thought if I didn't cry I wouldn't be normal for a third grader. So, I cried. Almost whole of the primary secondary pupils gathered around me while a teacher washed my wounds at the common water tap. Later I was taken to the hospital and was neatly bandaged. 

Well, let me tell you I got a very good memory power. I will come up with more. Wait, it says stories. Well then, I step down. My childhood does't have stories. It has reality.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give Up.

Beneath the stars, that danced
To the song of the Silent Night.
Shivered to the cold, that raved
In the long Winter Night.

I try to sing a song, 
With the verses unknown.
The song of the Silence, 
For I can speak no more. 

I try to dance to the music,
With the beats unknown.
The Music of the Soul,
For I can walk no more.

I try to love,
To the feeling unknown.
The Language of the heart,
For I can feel no more.

I ponder in the darkness,
With the destination unknown.
For answers I search,
To the questions unheard. 

And I ask myself, 
What is that I do?
Tangled in this multitude of confusion, 
To the conclusion unknown.

'Never give up, kid', They said
And neither did I.
With a little hope, 
I looked forward for a little miracle.

But, confused I am now
For the hope started fading
For the unknown still remained mysterious
And that I started giving up.

- Ajay Kontham © 2013

P.S. : I just loved the starting lines, but don't know what went wrong in the later lines. They lost the appeal that I wanted to showcase. Sigh. The title should be more apt if it consisted of something like unknown or no more, I think I used then rather too many times.

Touching Lives through Modern Healthcare.

Life as we see is always been in a constant change. There is a lot happening in and around world. There are discoveries, innovations and developments in every field. You name a field, there is a new technology or a development there. And these transformations revolutionize the modern day lives. Science as we speak is advancing beyond one's expectation. The sheer complexities of Science in everyday life are transformed into something very easy. A decade back, we were unaware of many of the scientific possibilities and how it could change the lives of people. Science is still in the evolution stage where a lot has to be discovered and a lot to be renovated. Renovation?, you ask. Yes, through it today's sophistication could be molded into tomorrow's handy tool. 

So, what has science given us in the present day? How does it affect the today's people across the world? Ranging from smart phones to the complex medical procedures, the evolving science has played its part perfectly. These have been successful in transforming the lives and making them easier. We there proprietors of these and we are the ones using and enjoying its fruits, the fruit of modern evolving science. 

There are people who work, people with disabilities, people who are physically disabled. Sometimes the work stress gets to us. Sometimes fate takes a front seat and end up in some accidents. Sometimes a few get physically weak with some diseases. The modern day technology has been able to provide maximum possibilities to the people who get ill, people who never thought could be cured are happily living today. What has caused this change? You know the answer to that question. The modern day science is on an advancing stage, as it always has been and with each new technology something good is happening, especially in the field of Medicine and and advanced healthcare. 

How does the modern Healthcare touch lives?

Almost a year or so back, an acquaintance of my dad was suffering from minor illness. It was supposedly a small ailment, but it never ceased to end.  He was advised to get a full medical check up at Apollo, Chennai as it was said that the facilities there were brilliant. But he was hesitant to travel to Chennai for the sake of a medical check up and that the illness he is suffering from is nothing serious or dangerous, or so he thought. And he was a busy man, travelling from one place to another and without finding time for his health. But after a repeatedly advising him to look after his ailment, he finally took the flight to Chennai only to find that he was just right in time about finding out about the seriousness of his illness. I am sorry, I don't know the details but after two weeks or so he was back and continued his daily routine, now in his full health. Well thanks to the advanced and modern health care facilities. 

Getting ill is sometimes just not in our hands. There are many causes for the same, may it be environment,  or the place we live in, or it could be the radiation about which we have no idea existed, or the food we eat. Some get serious and in some cases the normal medicines are not of much help. An advanced technology is in the need of the hour. And thanks to the never ending developments in science and technology and also in medicine, which have been able to save many lives.
Lets just brief about some of the new technologies that are being used and a few which are still in the process of developing. 

a. Intelligent Pills Deliver Medication to Specific Locations: An intelligent pill has developed that can be programmed to deliver targeted doses of medication to patients with digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, and colon cancer.

b. Sensor Technology Tracks Medication Adherence: Proteus Biomedical is working on technology that incorporates a tiny sensor into pills for targeting medication adherence for organ transplants, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, diabetes, and psychiatric disorders.

c. Brain Implants Prevent Seizures: The RNS System, a responsive neurostimulator from NeuroPace, detects abnormal electrical activity in the brain that signals the onset of a seizure, and delivers a specific pattern of mild electrical stimulation to block the seizure.

d. Contact Lens Detects Glaucoma: Sensimed’s scientists have created a smart contact lens with an embedded microchip that monitors intraocular pressure. If a patient wears the contact lens for a day, glaucoma can be detected sooner and more reliably, and the efficacy of the treatment can be monitored over time, potentially averting blindness.

e. Artificial Pancreas for Diabetics: Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University have successfully completed a trial with 11 type-1 diabetic patients using a new “artificial pancreas” that consists of insulin pumps, glucose sensors, and regulatory software.

f. Printing New Skin: Wake Forest University’s scientists have discovered how to apply ink-jet printer technology to ‘print’ proteins directly onto a burn victim’s body for faster and more thorough healing.

g. Artificial Retina: To date, progress has been made by enabling direct communication between the implant and the neural cells that carry visual information to the brain.

h. Lab-on-a-Chip: Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have created a lab-on-a-chip for HIV testing that does not require expensive resources and can deliver results in seconds. The portable and less expensive lab-on-a-chip is a holographic, lens-free imaging mechanism that counts specific molecules and blood cells to determine if the blood is HIV positive.

i. Microfluidic chip to quickly diagnose the flu

During the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009, which spread across more than 200 countries and killed more than 18,000 people, it became clear that flu diagnosis was often taking too long and resulting in frequent false negatives.
Today, researchers from Boston University, Harvard, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are reporting in the journal PLoS ONE that they have built a microfluidic chip that rivals in accuracy the gold-standard diagnostic test known as RT-PCR but is faster, cheaper, and disposable.

j. Glooko’s New Diabetes Management System FDA Cleared

Glooko (Palo Alto, CA) received FDA clearance for its latest Glooko System, a diabetes management package that includes the Glooko iPhone application, MeterSync Cable and online access for patients and healthcare providers.

The new iPhone app provides the ability for detailed tracking of taken drugs and consumed food, including easy entry using nutritional data compiled from popular restaurants. The MeterSync Cable is used to connect any one of 19 different glucometers to the iPhone to transfer glucose readings for charting and review by clinicians.

Science and Technology has always fascinated the today's generation. People would be seen with sophisticated gadgets in their pockets and are always in a constant synchronization with the world around us. So, this technology is being used by the medical people in various ways. 

The technology has been successful in bringing the people a step closer to the medical requirements at the comfort of their home. Not only that, it has also helped a lot of hospitals and doctors to keep a track of the medical advances and increase the efficiency of the medical treatments. A few to state are as follows : 

a. Crunching data Cloud Computing : An effective way to increase productivity is the ease of access of data. A patient's medical history and the status of the present medical examination can be available on the cloud for the doctors to access anywhere. It helps the doctors to keep a track of the patient history, stay up-to-date on medical research and analyze treatment options.

b. Communicating with patients : Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has developed Omnifluent Health, a translation program for doctors and others in the medical field. The suite of products includes a mobile app that lets doctors speak into the app — asking, for example, if a patient is allergic to penicillin — and translate the message instantly into another language. 

c. Linking doctors with other doctors : Could social networking help doctors work better together to take care of their patients? That’s the premise behind Doximity, a social network exclusive to physicians. Through Doximity, doctors throughout the United States can collaborate online on difficult cases. It’s received $27 million in funding and counts among its board members Konstantin Guericke, a co-founder of LinkedIn.

d. Connecting doctors and patients : In some cases it is impossible for the patient to visit the hospital at the earliest or is stuck in some location not near to a medical facility. Then the advanced technology offers patients medical consultations online and over the phone, potentially saving a trip to the ER. The medical advice doesn't come from just anyone, but from some of the city’s top medical specialists.

e. Helping patients stay healthy : A growing number of mobile apps and gadgets aim to help people stay active, sleep well and eat healthy. Among them are Fitbit, a pedometer that tracks daily sleep and activity and uses social networking and gaming to motivate its users. Lark is a silent alarm clock and sleep monitor that tracks and analyzes a person’s quality of sleep over time, offering suggestions to help the person get better rest (it has since expanded to track daily activity, too). And there are dozens upon dozens of calorie-counting, food-monitoring and menu-tracking apps to aid the diet-conscious.

It’s clear that technology is giving the health care industry a much-needed upgrade, from medical translation tools to mobile apps that help patients live healthier lives. Though much is still in the early and experimental stages, the advances in technology could help save money in health care costs and improve patient treatment.

Patients who can connect with their doctors more easily, for instance, won’t need to make expensive and perhaps unnecessary trips to the ER or specialists. Doctors will be able to collaborate with other physicians and experts in new ways and use computers to analyze patient and medical data, allowing them to provide better and more efficient treatment for their patients. As technology continues to expand the horizons of medicine and medical interaction, it’s becoming clear that we’re entering a new era of health care — or as some people are beginning to call it, Health 2.0.

The Indian Medicinal Science.

It is well known that that first medical practices started in India with the flavors of Ayurveda, the traditional medical science developed or lets say extracted through the natural herbs and plants of medicinal value. Since then, a lot has come into place and that the modern medical tenure is much more sophisticated yet the best as one could say. Though a lot has to achieved, and at this rate the tomorrow's generation will have better health and medical technology and may also increase the human life expectancy. And in this aspect Apollo Hospitals have been always a step ahead in providing the best medical treatments by using the most advanced and cutting edge technology for improving the present day's medical problems and the related issues. The following are a few which would help in identifying the status of modern health care facilities available and how efficiently they are being utilized for the benefit of the people and in improving their health. 

a. Radiosurgery :
Radiosurgery has been effective in treating tumors and cancers. Ushering in another new era in healthcare, the Apollo Hospitals Group has introduced the most advanced CyberKnife® Robotic Radio Surgery System, the world's first and only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy. And 
Novalis TX Radiosurgery & Radiotherapy is changing the face of cancer treatment.

b. Liver Transplant :
The Centers for Liver Diseases and Transplantation, Apollo Hospitals, are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for liver surgery using the laparoscopic Argon Beam Laser as well as Tissue Link™ in combination with other methods of liver resection like CUSA™ and Laparoscopic Vascular Stapling. Bloodless Liver Surgery is also performed with high success rates.

c. Bone Marrow Transplant :
Bone Marrow Transplantation is a form of intensive treatment used to treat certain cancers like leukaemias, lymphomas and some non-cancerous diseases like thalassaemia.

d. Stem Cell Transplant :
Stem Cell Transplantation is an exciting area of medicine. It is a well established treatment for several cancers and diseases of blood since the last few decades.

e. Robotic Surgery :
Robotic surgical devices provide 3D high definition vision with up to ten times magnification and an immersive view of the surgical field through a tiny incision of 2 cm. Enhanced dexterity and greater accuracy make complex surgical maneuvers easier through smaller ports, minimizing patient trauma in confined spaces of the chest, abdomen or pelvis.

The above stated pointers are just a few of the many new technologies which are currently touching millions of lives. The medical science has a great future ahead and there is every chance of improving it much more to meet the medical requirements of every patient.

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