Saturday, September 14, 2013

Year 2030.

James came home from school. There is actually no need of schools these days but nevertheless one attends, never knew the reason actually. He lives with his mother. He hasn't seen his father for a long time now. It has been years. Last time he met his father was when he was 5 years old and he doesn't remember much about that time either. His mother has told him a lot many things, but he just couldn't be so sure about everything his mother said. He never really understood what he did. But as usual he would get a check every month, which he basically saved up. He fell in love with a girl, whom he once met in a annual science fair held a few miles north of where he stayed. She was from a different district which was rather too far from where he stayed. 

Let's just soak in the mental picture of the changes that took place in the last few decades. His mom used to tell him about the age of new invention and when computers were just beginning to hit the market and that she wasn't allowed to use a laptop until she was in college and that too because the course she opted for demanded some work on the laptop. To hell with that, James had his first tablet for his 5th birthday which was much more advanced than he could even understand the first thing about it. His father gave it to him. He actually made that. James didn't knew that. He always thought that the inscription JM which looked like some company's logo was actually his name "James Mathew". The world was changing, changing fast. The life was on a high lane, a path on development in every path man could ever think of. It was all new and people just jumped on the first opportunity that presented itself. So, what development and renovation achieved in making the lives simpler, in turn started making the lives harder to live. The innovation and development was fast and steady to say the least, but it was taking a heavy toll on the environment. By the time people started realizing that the environment is in a crisis, though they started implementing ways to minimize the impact on the atmospheric environment. But that failed, when in 2020 a huge environmental crisis occurred and a major portion of the world population had to suffer the consequences of the outbreak. There was global warming to begin with, the rising sea levels and the experimental procedures which aimed at creating better lifestyle and increase life expectancy broke into radiation zones. This radiation then started affecting the human lives counter attacking their actual purpose of creating them in the first place. People never knew they were unwell, when all of a sudden they passed out and also the average life span gradually started deteriorating. Within a year, the lifespan got half of the average lifespan a decade ago ( Year 2010 ). 

Everything changed that year. It was like a waking call. Though, everybody had been expecting this day to come, but this was way too soon. It was time to change. James father had to leave him for the very reason. His father was one among the few scientists to develop some sort of gases almost invisible to the naked eye but these also prevented the radiation from filtering through it. So, this led to the formation of districts. Some called them colonies and some still used the country's name if the whole country was protected. People had to be very careful while moving past these radiation zones. They were like everywhere. It was more like these districts were an oasis in the desert, the desert being the radiation. Yes, that was the situation of present world. Though almost everything has gone eco-friendly and use of clean fuel and stuff, but still people are still living on the knife's edge. They have stopped worrying about the future, which seemed to be totally unpredictable and just lived every moment of their lives as if it was their last day. 


James was always hooked on his tablet. He was good at coding and stuff. And also he liked to own things. He just turned 15 and things he wanted to own started piling up. From shoes to bikes. He was spending all the money his dad used to send him on buying stuff. Now, one just couldn't get out of their district zone without prior protection from the radiation. The best way one could get anything was buying online. And the best part was that all the flights were computer controlled. So, it was far easier to send a plane filled with things and then they will be delivered to the door step the very same day. If computer controlled planes were out of question, there are always metros which ran underground. Though, they took a little longer time when compared with planes, but they did work like charm. It was like ordering a pizza and getting delivered within 30 minutes. And then James also started chatting with someone who makes him feel special; whom he met in a science fair a few months ago. He just couldn't get enough of her and just trying his best to meet up with her. And to make up for the time and the distance they are separated, they used to exchange some kind of gifts. He would send some of his stuff, sometimes would buy online, which still was the safest, most affordable and the easiest way to get anything.


Matthew Stanley is an scientist. He is James father. Though he hasn't met his son in little over a decade, they still used to talk over phone or over the internet keeping themselves equipped what the other person is upto. When he came to know about the girl that his son was interested in and was so longing to meet her, they forced him work a little harder to maintain balance in the atmosphere and reduce radiation to zero level, if possible. He always loved to build things, create fascinating things using the natural resources. And these so called resources are decreasing with each passing day. He would sometimes blame himself for the world around him. He was one among the few scientists who were hired to create and develop the life altering things. Though he saw the danger while they were still developing and raised his concerns, no one listened to him as the other became too ambitious and felt they could see the future and that they could just make history. Matthew pursued his own ideologies which were quite contrast to the others in his private lab. Though they showed progress on a small scale in testing, but he feared what would happen when used on a higher level like humans themselves. But then the catastrophic event happened which risked the very existence of human life. They had no other choice to use one of Matthew Stanley's prototype, which as a matter of fact worked perfectly. The artificial man-made atmospheric gases made from various chemicals and a few rare natural resources did help in sustaining the radiation on a larger level. No one knew about it. No one were told who created it, until the whole world was on a safer place. 

So, when he came to know about the girl his son was interested in, he wanted to make the world a better place for him. He wanted his son to have a life he could never had as he was always away from the family. So, he was on a mission now. When he started with his work, the list was pretty big and a lot of things were needed to make it happen. Some of the things were on the other side of the planet. But he had to worry the least. He ordered everything he need online, which still was the most convenient, most affordable way to get anything. Since some were on the other side of the planet, he feared that they might take take to reach him which in turn might delay his mission. But to his surprise he received them the very next day. He made no attempt to waste any more time and started building what he wanted to build. 

Within a year, he was successful in making his mission a success. The radiation levels started decreasing and there was a lot of improvement in the environmental balance. Though, they still had to live life like on knife's edge, as any slightest mistake could affect the ecosystem. But his discovery proved to be far better than he had expected. The use of eco-friendly things and clean fuel was advised so avoid any more catastrophic events which might hinder the very existence of the human kind and all the other living beings.

Now he is home to his family back after 11 years and enjoying the time with his son. They have moved to a place near his son's love. So that when he could grow up, they could all stay together in the days to come. 

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Symbol of Peace.

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A lonely bird
Parched in the battle
Lost and Wandering

Lost and Wandering,
A symbol of peace
Died in the name of war.

This Haiku is written Haiku Heights #280 ~ September Heights Day 07 for the prompt Dove.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Singing Toes.

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Story they tell
The singing toes
Of a Mournful soul

Of a mournful soul 
Express profoundly the hidden meaning
In the dance of bliss

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights  #278 ~ September Heights Day 05for the prompt 'Ballet'.



Guiding the lost, A path
Through the darkness
A shepherd with a staff.

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights' for the prompt 'Shephard'.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Requiem of a Dream.

Jonnathan James Taylor was a merchant. His trade was related to spices, which consisted of importing and exporting, for which he used to travel three times a year. It always has been his family's bread and butter for years. People used to call him JJ as in James Junior. James was his grandfather's name. His father was killed in a war that he never wished to fight for. He was a merchant and could never master the art of using gun powder. In contrast, JJ has always had a knack for guns. His grandfather has taught him well enough after realizing that war could happen anytime and one must be prepared to defend themselves in such a crisis. This he realized when his only son was dragged into the war and was killed fighting for the cause. 


JJ woke up to the fresh aroma of the spices that filled the house. He just came from India with a variety of spices and he was excited about the day to sell them as these were some rare spices. His wife brought him a morning tea, which he brought while trading in India. The smell of the fresh tea leaves in his cup made him forget all the burden. Then there was his wife who radiated the lavender scent throughout the room. His daughter was just a few months old and just started walking. He couldn't have been happier with his life. 

There was a loud creak which bolted to sit aright.  He had been dreaming. The happy moment ruined by the morning bell , which made an annoying noise waking up the people telling them to get ready for work. He felt nauseated with the pungent odor coupled with the smell of the sweat of the people. People were jam packed in a small room where they were told to sleep where the number of people exceeded the actual capacity. He hasn't been home for 3 years now. He gets the same dream every single night. He so hopes to get back to his family one day. 

3 years ago while he was in his quarterly trip to India for trading spices as usual, they were attacked my the pirate ships in the pacific ocean who then sold them as slaves to the eastern Africa.  Tough they had no idea what to do with the spices which they ceased. they simply threw it in the ocean. For the last three, JJ along with the 30 other who were on the ship have been working against their will building homes and pyramids. Of the 5 people who managed to escape 4 were dead, apparently killed by the guards and no one knows about the 5th one. One can't be sure what's happening outside the huge walls that surround the ancient city of Africa. 

JJ had made a thousand plans already to escape the barriers and swore to himself never to travel through that path ever again. Of all the plans, one was most efficient to plan his escape. He never understood their language nor did they understood his language. But they knew the language of fear and guns. 
Every single night when he went to sleep in the swamp of sweat and hot desert smell he held a piece of Lenin cloth which reminded him of home, the lavender smell of his wife and the aroma of spices and the little cries of his baby girl. this kept his sane during the nights and helped him forget about the humid , tense and futile atmosphere in the hottest place on the planet. 

Every morning he had the same dream and wished to go back home. That day he saw a trader for whom they were building homes and whatnot smuggle guns into his house which the trader hid behinds the walls of under-constructed house. JJ thought it was his opportunity that moment and he along with 3 other people smuggled the guns back to their sleeping den and hid them well enough for no one to find out. They now planned for an escape and wanted to implement their plan as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The number of guards have substantially reduced as the people trying to escape decreased over the couple of months. And moreover the guards have started drinking with the advent of the traders who brought ecstasies from places far beyond. 

On one such night, most of the guards were heavily drunk as the new traders came to the city once in a quarter. They felt it was their opportunity that  they had been waiting for. The twenty five of them prepared themselves for the escape. Those who knew how to use a firearm armed themselves with the guns that they had safely hid. As the night grew darker, they ascended the darkness with the aim of fleeing and never come back. As they had anticipated for all the guards to be drunk and half asleep, there were still some guards who did their work. Some of the people were already afraid and thought that they were dead, for sure. But JJ convinced them that they can still pull it off. He told the other two people who knew how to use a gun  to aim at their heads. one of them protested that the sound of the bullet  piercing through the silent night could wake everyone up. Before he could complete, JJ handed him a sack filed with cotton and told him to aim perfectly. They only had 6 shots off the rifle they had and there were three guards scouring the premises while the other two slept in wine. 

JJ easily took down two of the people on the wall. They had taken different positions to get a clear shot at those people. After JJ had successfully taken two people, it was York the other one to take the other two of which one was sleeping. The first shot nearly missed the guard which hit the wall behind him. Since he had to shoot through the sack of cotton in order to avoid making any noise. It is just a matter of time before the guard realizes that the other two guards lying on the wall were no where to be seen from the ground. He had to act quick. He reloaded the rifle and shot correctly this time but his timing was wrong. As the guard was walking across the main entrance  the shot landed him just behind the sleeping guard who was in his chair. The loud thud woke up the guard while all the people who had planned to escape froze to death. They were sure that they were dead in no time. JJ didn't waste a moment as he saw the guard raise on his feet and slowly turned around rubbing his eyes. He snatched the third gun from the third person and without aiming or even thinking shot at the guard through the cotton sack which this time partially failed to prevent the noise of the gun fire. As the guard turned to the distinctive bang sound, the bullet pierced through his heart. That was a fluke shot and if it wasn't for the noise they all would have been dead in no time.

They didn't think twice as the guard fell down on the ground. They quickly grabbed a rope clamped to the wall and started climbing it. As the men started climbing the only rope, JJ ran towards the guards on the ground to make them look as if they were doing their job if someone else came for the rounds and also to buy some time before anyone figures out what actually happened. While he was doing that he stumbled across a lot money placed in the small pouches which apparently were bribes offered to them by the traders who came in and went out. JJ safely held on to that money which he thought could be used for food and the journey back home and that would be sufficient for the whole group. They all climbed down the other side of the wall and ran for their lives hoping that no one comes to knowledge before they are long gone. 

JJ woke up to the morning tea which his wife had specially prepared for him. His wife radiated the lavender scent which filled the whole room. That he could never forget. The smell of the fresh tea leaves in his cup of tea refreshed him as he took each sip enjoying it. There was his daughter who came running to him with a doll in her hand speaking gibberish yet cutely. 

He took a deep breath and felt relived that this moment was no longer a dream. 


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Monday, September 2, 2013

An Apocalypse.

Concealed beneath those grayish-blue eyes is a life long agony, a misery hidden , making a void in the vastness.  She can't hide. She can't run. At the end of the day she cries to death. She isn't weak. They have made her weak. But still she isn't weak. She fights every single day. For herself, for the people who still believe in her. 

She might not know but she is an inspiration to a lot of people. She seeks justice. She doesn't fear death. She just wants equality. A place for the kind of her. The society has annihilated them , media has flaunted them as helpless souls who thought that these people need sympathy. A place where they can be normal. Normal ? You say. How can anyone be normal? When I can't even forget a white lie that I told to save my ass, which bothers me every single day. How can a traumatic incident be forgotten over a few weeks or months or years?

They left a scar, that can never be removed. A scar that reminds of the horror past. A scar that, in a way makes her possible to live every single day. That is a constant reminder of her past that the world isn't safe. The safest places aren't safer any longer. That the people who were once dear to you now stay a million miles away. She did not make a mistake. She was perfect in her own way. She is a successful woman. Yet, the society sees her a little different. Because she is a she, a woman. When the nation bloats about equality, one shouldn't get excited about what a great nation we have. It is like a myth. No, women aren't denied anything. But there are places where people have the same mentality that people are discriminated on the basis of gender. That woman are supposed to be attached to the kitchen and do the chores. 

When will that discrimination stop? When will the atrocities on women stop? Women aren't weak. Just that they weren't given a chance to prove themselves. And now that caterpillar is finally breaking out of the cocoon and the society treats her like she doesn't even belong here. And to the men who take advantage, what kind of a beast are you? 

There is an unseen apocalypse on the rise. The human mind. Though it hasn't infected the major lot of people, but it sure is spreading. 

Now lets take a step into history and see what history has taught us. There are these three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi which depict the nonviolent way of living. These as we all   of us know are "Don't see bad", "Don't speak bad", "Don't hear bad". The non violent way of living. Easy , isn't it? So what's happens when something really bad is happening and someone is really getting hurt. Should we just close our eyes , close our ears and do nothing while the people do whatever they want to do.. What about the third one ? Oh, we do speak bad don't we. There is this media in the name of whatever-that-is-called just takes out the best bad in anything. I don't see whether they are praising or seeking justice.  

Our politics is corrupt. No doubt. The whole justice system is corrupt.  No doubt. We as people try to find justice in this half baked society where everything feels so wrong, even fighting for justice. It feels like a crime to voice out our opinions while the culprits have it their way enjoying the freedom that this democratic country have bestowed upon us. They walk away, the culprits while the people fighting for the same justice go behind bars. Because they voiced their opinion? Because they are criticizing the whole political system? Because they are blaming the whole justice system? The candle marches, the reforms to the safety of women for the betterment of the women go in vain when they are held more often. 

Lets keep aside the justice seeking and justice giving ideologies aside for a moment. And lets speak about the people. Like I said, an apocalypse. I thought that the people who are responsible for any heinous act against women were uneducated people, that they had no knowledge of how to respect a women, how to live in a society. But I was wrong. I knew I was wrong. I wanted to blame that on something. But lets stop the blaming game for a moment and see what's really bothering the society. Educated or uneducated - The same things happen. People are just out-of-their-minds. The other day someone shared something related to the rapes that are happening in India. I didn't see the photo but a guy in my room was sowing the other guy and talking about it. So the picture was like even if the girl is fully dressed or naked, she shouldn't be violated. So what happens is that this guy laughs and says if a girl is naked how can anyone control themselves? THAT. That thinking is the apocalypse that I was talking about. No matter how educated one is, there is still that thinking that is corrupting the minds of people. Is it really a reason? How can one control themselves? Seriously, what is wrong with people. If you don't know how to control, learn to control or just die.

How can anyone even think like that? And that thoughts that revolve around in the minds of thousands other people saddens me. How can this thing, this apocalypse that is spreading like a wildfire be stopped? How can one man, or even a million men bring a change in the thinking when they don't even care to listen? I have lost hope. In a couple of years, I would still be furious and angry at the people probably writing this same thing, but change, the change in that thinking, that I so wish to see would never happen. Is there a way, writing this could change the thinking of people? Then I would be writing every hour of the day. But, there are people like me, writing for a cause, for a change. And there are people who are struggling each day to see that change happen, working on a noble cause. But I don't see it. I don't see the change at all. Is there a simple way, or even the hard way to stop that thinking process, that apocalypse? 

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