Sunday, June 29, 2014


The cold wind ruffled through the curtains as the night dawned in silence of the night. It had been raining for an hour and now the air is clean and pure mixed with the moist smell of the aftermath rain. It would be an ideal time to take an evening stroll. But it wasn't evening either. The clock just chimed one. It was not an usual night. There was a stint of certain weirdness that surrounded the atmosphere. When he came it was raining heavily and he was covered in water. The carpeted floor stubbed with dampness. But everything has dried, even the carpet though the atmosphere outside was kind of chilly and cold. But the apartment wasn't. There had been a lot of tension and the room was, well, not as cold as outside. On the contrary, it was pretty hot. 

Mark got a call when he was returning home after a long day at the office. He was working on a case and it was a pretty complicated one because it was unusual for him to take this long to solve his case. He was actually good at solving when it came to finding bad guys. No, he was great. But this case, was turning out to be mysterious to him and he is no where near solving it. He has always worked by the book, almost. He didn't had many friends because there was some history which he prefers to leave it in the past. He wasn't in active duty for a year because of something that happened in the past that had something do with his family. There were different stories that people told. But he knew the real one and preferred not to think about it and not to be bothered with his past. An year of no duty might have rendered him incapable of working any longer but the urgency and the magnitude of the case asked for his expertise. He had dealt with similar cases before. And so was the reason for calling him on the force. Within a month, he solved the case which the detectives were trying to solve for the past year. He lost the interest of taking credit, which others believed it to be the trauma that was haunting him. And so the department was appreciated, obviously. 

The humbleness of him compelled to make the best use of him. Six months had passed and he did great. He was back. A year before he was locked in his home drinking and smoking and sometimes even drugs, just to forget. He moved places, but the thoughts always haunted him. For a long time, he turned a blind eye to the bad things that happened, even when they happened in front of him. He just walked away. He was incapable. He was tired. He was lost. He was smitten with vengeance. But then again he was mentally incapacitated. 

He turned the car back around. The smoke of the cigarette stubbed between his fingers made a trail as he sped on the driveaway to meet up the folks at the crime scene. He arrived at the scene in time for all the detectives assigned to it arrived. He entered the flat. It was a big flat. The victim was a wealthy man. We could tell by the look of his appartment flat. It was a penthouse. And almost in it was antique. He also had a Merc which was parked in his parking spot as of he had just arrived. This case couldn't wait till the next morning because this was the second in the last two months. Whoever was doing this was very careful and it was evident that it was the same person because the pattern was almost similar to all of his victims. And this guy whoever he was was becoming a pain in the ass for the police department. As the pressure kept building from the higher up, the police was head over heels to solve this mystery of sorts.

The forensics gave a preliminary report to Mark based on the visual observations and the more could only be found out after the body was taken to the lab. Mark was a clever fellow. He didn't require any report from anyone. His visual perception was pretty good. He had a thing for these kinds of things and the killers' thoughts. He could jump into the mind of the killer and visualize the scenes that might have taken place. The victim was a Lawyer and was a renowned person as he had more number of cases solved than anyone in the city. And that itself rose the suspicion. No one could be that perfect when it comes to being a lawyer. A note was left behind beside the body which read "For a better society" He leaves them behind claiming himself to be doing good to the society and implicitly asking people not the judge on his morale. 

To be continued.... 


P.S. : Okay, I have to ask. Does anyone even come here and read any of my stuff? Well anyway, I am not here here to impress you or anyone. So, if you drop by, obviously by mistake, give a shout. Umm, shout, I probably could never hear it. Better leave a comment. Thanks.

P.S.S. Whats' up with this story? I have no idea. I just wanted to write and here I am writing.


  1. waiting for the next part... :)

    1. Looks like one person. hmm, I myself am not sure about the continuation part.

  2. This was intriguing.. Mark sounds like an interesting guy. Would come again to read the next part. Also, I do read your posts, but haven't been to anyone's blog from a long long long time. So this is me, giving a shout......... (((((((oyeee)))))))

    Can you hear me?

    1. Oh! Why, Thank You. :)
      I hope to make it as interesting as possible.

      Yeah, I figured so. Haven't seen your posts for a long time. Thought you might have been busy, or something.

      Haan ji. Loud and Clear. Thanks for the shout again. :D
      P.S. You have no idea but that just brought a big smile on my face. So, ya thanks again. :)

  3. Wow.. Sounds more like Dan Brown's Da vinci code suspense , can't wait to read the full... Keep going dude... :)

    1. Whoa. Wow. Thank you very much. :D

  4. That's a nice start to the story :)


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