Thursday, December 31, 2015


There are lights everywhere, colorful, bright, soulful; there is a cheer in the people, a little bounce in their walk, a little joy in their eyes. The excited eyes beamed in the wait for the end of another glorious year and the approaching new year full of hope. I have read quite a few blogs where people have poured out their feelings for the amazing year that is just biding us farewell, while at the same time being hopeful with new aspirations in the new year and new beginnings of happiness and joy. *Touches wood* #FingersCrossed. I am with you on this and come on, who doesn't like happiness and joy. A lot has happened in the year and I am awestruck that I don't remember any of it. I always thought I had a good memory at least when it came to remembering the things other than studies. But looks like I am losing my touch. Well anyway, let me just bore you with my drama for the year. And mind you, I am not a good actor nor a good writer(*gets smacked in the head*). Here's to 2015 for becoming a memory and the moments that left a lasting impression for never to fade.

No Tricks Allowed
I had a very different sort of experience last year on my birthday. It was on Sunday the previous year and I was hoping that none of my friends make a big deal of things. I was wrong. They did. I got kicked and whatnot. Keeping that in mind, I removed my birthday everywhere. But some smart ass people still remembered the date. I have no idea how! Eventually, I ended up with a nice 'ol trashing and a cake face pack. I have to be really really careful this year. The thing would be to skip going to office. 

Tamasha in the Sky and Avatars on the land.
My credit card application was rejected not once, not twice but four times. I know right how can credit cards be rejected when they are almost giving it for free at the bank counters. I have no idea why. They weren't too specific and I was also kind of not too serious about getting one because I knew if I get one, I will be piled up in huge debt. But after a lot of rejections, I finally managed to get one. After a long struggle and crying over the old camera, I finally managed to get a camera. I was hoping for a high end, but then I figured that I need to learn a lot before jumping into being a professional. Not that I am no professional. I have 900 likes on my Facebook page, so I am pretty awesome. Not. Anyhow, there was this Aero Show event at Bangalore and I got a chance to use my photography skills with the new lens and all. I managed to get some decent snaps, but they could be better. Another event that happened a couple weeks later was ComicCon. Being a comic enthusiast, I was too excited to go. I tagged along with an old friend, who apparently had no much knowledge in the franchise. I think he knows about Chota Bheem.

Inconclusive Experiments
I had hit that crucial "Writer's Block" syndrome. They say that no such thing exists. Maybe, may be not. Or perhaps, they are too busy and always writing to neve have felt that gray lapse in writing. I have a lot of those. Eventually, I reached a stage where I wanted to start a blog afresh, like from the scratch. One of the many reason besides the writer's block is the feeling of not being read. No one was reading apparently. But whenever I posted about this that no one was reading, people would read that. I know the irony isn't lost on me. But I think I had a little reader base and that I was assured that I wasn't writing for others rather than I was writing for myself. Well, yeah I completely agree. But one can't move forward being all alone right? Anyhow, I just revamped the whole blog appearance. No, it didn't bring more followers. And I also started an anonymous blog, because apparently everyone had an opinion. So, to avoid the bloodshed, I decided to create another blog where I was supposed to be the bad guy, or the real me. Apparently, that didn't work out as well as I thought it to be. Two strikes.

City of Joy
The Art of saying NO has always been a foreign concept for me. And it is a pain in the ass. To cut long story short, I was traveling to Kolkata to help out a project in a bit of crisis. The problem was they needed a doctor and they got a mechanic. And they made do with the mechanic. The stay has been kind of unpleasant, thanks to the rain and the hot weather. And not to mention the expenses. Despite the public transportation being cheaper, I spent more on commuting. The reason might have been that the public buses were written in Bengali and I was Bengali-illiterate. While I was giving away, erm spending money like I was a freakin' billionaire, the credit card statement due had a different story to tell. Not to mention the work culture at the place I was working is like they would practically stay at office if someone tells them to. "No more", I said and hopped on the flight back to Bangalore.

Blogger meets are always awesome. I had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing writers and bloggers. I attended four meets this year. The biggest one of which was BNLF, with the most crowd. The best one was the last one, a small group of people yet the most memorable of them all- GOA. I think it is more about what happened after the trip than what happened in the trip. I am usually a shadow in the meets, almost invisible. And I wouldn't blame anyone who might not have recognized me, then or now. But something amazing happened over the trip. I have met these amazing bunch of people, who just made the year all the most memorable. We have become a sort of Family- Blogger's Family.

Secret Santa
The joy of sharing is boundless. When you see that smile, not on the curved lips but in the eyes, that smile, that joy, that happiness is contagious. So this year, Richa and Co. decided to make it a little interesting by not only sharing gifts but also by spreading the word of joy. The idea was to create a flash blogging on the eve of Christmas. So a group of awesome bloggers decided to binge blog and flood the social media with the message of joy and what Christmas is all about. It was a small group, but it was fun to do nonetheless. And I was part of it, which is more than I could ask for. 


Have I done anything that would stand out in this year ? 

Any milestones? Achievements? 
Lol, No. None.

Anything to strike off from the To-Do / Wish list / 25 things before 25 (wait I am going to be freaking 25 in a month!) ?
Umm, No ! 

Is there any chance in the next year?
Oh yeah, absolutely. Optimism is all I have, even though I might not feel it.

Anyway, since I am here blabbering about almost significant (or not) that happened this year let me extend by just a little bit - Friends and Blogging. I haven't been the best of the writers but there have been people who were there to help me through all this ordeal.

The People around me...

It was a year of marriages and farewells. Some of the once good friends got married and a few moved to better opportunities. I was just trying to figure out who else has left behind.

Aditya : This guy never ceases to amaze me. I have no idea what he sees in me, but he calls me talented and all that. He is an amazing singer, joyous and an  enthusiastic guy and always in high spirits. I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world, bro!

Rani : The ever so bubbly girl got tied down, finally. I mean so sad. I mean so happy for her. The thing about marriages is that people have a better excuse of not about to hang out. Nonetheless, I made her totally addicted to TV series. Yes, that's my accomplishment. Don't blame me for making her a fan of TV Series. :P

Manjunatha K : A creative, cool and sportive guy you could ever meet.

Let me take cue and say something about the fellow incredible bloggers : 

Richa : Where do I start? The last few months I have seen her multi tasking - between work and Blogchatter and promoting BlogBuddy program, dividing people, inspiring people, putting up weekly prompts and then the Secret Santa challenge. And does she stop there? No. She sends a beautiful New Year Card with an inspiring note. Thank you Richa.

IQ : She is an amazing writer and a great friend, she always has been. Though the intensity of her writing have decreased, but her thoughts always inspire me. 

Wanderer : I think she might be a little busy with the academics and all, she is rarely seen in the blogosphere, I mean No comments on my blog(!?). And not to mention, she has a creative mind despite her telling otherwise. Though she is experimenting with blogging and voice-logging, or whatever it is called ( will come up with a better name. Yes, its' like podcast but whatever)!

Red Handed : She has been AWOL for the major portion of the year. Her last post was ages ago. I think she might have been busy with the new work and all or may be she got married and not getting enough time. I think she will kill me if the latter isn't true, but nonetheless, an amazing and humorous blogger and Tweeter ( been AWOL from Twitter also, and visiting once in a blue moon).

Vishal Kataria : One of the person behind the curtains of BlogChatter. I have interacted with him on Twitter and finally got a chance to meet him on one of the Bloggers meet. He is incredibly talented and creative thinker, and an equally great writer.

Suman Kher : Furstrated Fellow Aritel Customer. I think she might have switched to some other Network Provider. She is among the one who would literally fly down to my place and kick me if I ever mention the words 'Writers Block' / I am not about to write anything. 

Ankita Bhatia Dhawan : If I did the amount of work she does, I would have been long dead. She takes care of her daughter. She meets her deadlines at office pushing the boundaries. She blogs, almost daily. She is creative, smart and extremely talented, not that I have to mention it.

Sreesha : Twitter Rival. I mean always pouncing at a chance to pull my leg and I kind of offer it, no not my choice. And she writes nice poems.

Sid Balchandran : #SuperDad. I think that explains it all. Oh, one more thing he makes people jealous is he works by Staying at Home. I completely envy him for this. And not to mention an incredible blogger, writer and story teller and has a great sense of humor.

Purba Ray : I have only been on social media trying to pull each and everyone's legs. And I was incredibly surprised when the most noted blogger had asked for me. For a second, minute, hour, 2 days still don't believe ever having that moment. It was a dream! Anyhow, she needs no introduction. She is notably the best humorous blogger and a funny tooth tweeter. 

Vinita Bahl : She is incredibly funny and a people's person, humble and recently found out that she raps too. I mean come on, I can't even speak properly. She is rocking all trades from writing to singing. 

Dr. Roshan : Another famous doctor who blogs. Having topped the charts of great bloggers and being a doctor, he is humble and an incredible humorous person. 

Aseem Rastogi : He binge read my blog. I am surprised he survived. Though he is in the Hospital undergoing critical brain surgery, he still survived. 20 odd posts he read in a span of two days. I mean I myself wouldn't do that. #JustSaying Thank you Sir.

BlogChatter BlogBuddies :

Kala Ravi : Ever since she across my blog, she has been a regular visitor and always leaves a comment. I think that's the first job of a BlogBuddy. And not to mention, she wakes us all up and pushes in doing the tasks. The right term for her is proactive blogger.

Sherna : The bubbly girl I met at the Bloggers Meet is a great writer and and equally funny girl. 

Reema : *In her dream also she is writing a new post*. These last couple of months, she has written what I have written in the entire year. A creative writer and an equally talented poet.

Divyakshi : She goes by the blog url 'Quirkywanderer', perfectly justifying the name. She not only explores the places she visits, she weaves a story through words and pictures.

Anindya : Knitting is always a difficult job. But he knits the words with pictures and always makes people jealous of the the food photos. I completely envy him because he has all the great food and all we get a candid photos of the delicacies lying on the plate to be devoured. Only that we can't. 

Aditi : I have read her book which I got on Amazon 26 Stories which was amazing collection of short stories. And on top that she is a regular blogger promoting prompts and sharing ideas for bloggers.

Prateek Pradeep Mathur : A creative and wishful writer creating stories through words. Though he stays on the other part of the world, he is always connected with the blog buddies and sometimes reads my blog too. 

Now, I would go on about each and every blogger I came across and that would take days to complete. So, let me just add the names here. SoumyaAathiraAkshitha, Anita, Vaishaki, and everyone whom I forgot to mention ( my apologies) are a few amazing bloggers in their own unique way. Thank you. 

Photo Courtesy

To summarize, I have outlived which I had never expected. Yeah, of course each year has its ups and downs, but at the end of the year I can just hope for better days to come with lessons learnt from the past. Anyway, my year end song or poem or rambling or whatever you may call it. It is kind of a ritual that I post the same thing every year, just like I use the same resolutions every year.

Past has taught Lessons.
Memories have brought Happiness.
  Time has taught Living.
Mistakes have brought Wisdom. 

Now, New is the Year.
New are the Aspirations and Dreams. 
Behold the Newness.
Step forward, Step Ahead.
Here it comes, yet another Glorious Year. 

Welcome it. 
With a Smile on your Face.
And Hope in the Heart. 

Cherish the Past.  
Carve a better Future. 
And Never Forget,
Live each day
One moment at a time

Anyway, Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New year. May this year bring you many good surprises, joy and happiness. 
Take Care and Have Fun.

Singing off 2015


  1. Each line is a statement to be cherished in itself! Live each day,One moment at a time.....Beautiful words!

  2. Oh! You crazy, crazy chap! Why did you hit publish before loading the main stuff?! People following you...remember? But hats off have given an Oscar-winning speech thanking so many wonderful people.....including yours truly! Danke! You are one of the few candid, fun and free spirits I have encountered in the blogging world! Your wacky sense of humor brings smiles to otherwise drab tweets. Thanks for helping out when I needed it. Wishing you lots of blogging and more amazing clicks in this New Year....

    1. Lol. Very few people following me and I had thought of editing the post before anyone could read it. But you read it. :P

      Anyhow, thanks for dropping by and increasing the page view (my master plan worked). :)

      Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year. And also lots of amazing blogging. :D

  3. This is one of the posts that you know are written from the heart :)
    It's a pleasure to connect with you AK. Thanks for the mention ! And I read your blog more often than you think :). I relate with a lot of stuff that you have written and I find some similarities in our thought process. Let's collaborate this year :)

    1. Thank you, Prateek. :)
      The feeling is mutual.
      Lol, I was so over all the place while writing about each one of you. I had no idea what I was writing anymore. Yes, you do read more often. :) Thanks.
      Oh believe me, yours' is much better and more creative. Mine, not so much.

      But sure thing. Shall collaborate. :D

  4. Wow! Such a wonderful and meaningful post! Thanks for the mention AK! :D Ab main bhi famous ban jaungi ;)

    1. Thank you Reema. :)
      My Pleasure. :D

      Aap toh already famous ho ji. :)

  5. Well written! I typed Blog on my Browsers Address bar and your blog came as the first result, so thought of visiting it.. Good post.

    First time here and it is good. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank You.

      Ah mocking, I see. You could do it a little better. Keep trying.

      First time here? Great.
      I intend to. :)

  6. Wonderful post, touching all the pros and cons of the year gone by.Ideas and words have flooded,but usefully and interestingly.

  7. HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS POST. Why am I not sent this post as a print to my residential address? Like please. Idiot you are.

    Of course I loved it because you wrote about me :D But I loved the writing way too much. It reminds me of my own free writes! Oh I miss them. Please prepare yourself for one soon.

    Ajay, I am so happy I got connected with you :)

    1. I don't publicize much. I don't like to do that. Once is enough, I feel.
      And I feel its' not print worthy since it's mostly my rants and wait, that it. -_-

      Thank you. Sure. *Gets the emergence survival kit ready*

      The feeling is mutual. :D

  8. I wish I read this at the end of 2015. Would have been so much more magical! Nevertheless *happy tears* you had such an awesome year!

    1. It can be now too.
      It was an ok year. Not as much as awesome as yours. 😁


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