Friday, June 12, 2015

Something borrowed.

The uniform rhythm embraced the bittersweet truth of life that it left behind with each waking moment that passed. Like a never ending echo that resonated into the abyss. Like a ripple of time that never stopped. Confusing, yet inspiring. Conjuring, yet mystical. Silently, the precious life happened. A beautiful, yet soulful existence.

But, but the echoes will fade away into silence, one day. Perhaps, when the last breath is drawn.
And those day... the light would seem little brighter, the grass a little greener, the air a little pure, the sky a little blue and world a little more lively. But the slipping time wakes, forcing its way into reality. The walls seem to close from all sides with each weakening echo, with each weakening ripple of time. The life starts to suffocate as the light at the end of the tunnels draws you closer.

Eventually, everything runs out of time one day. Or perhaps time leaves everything behind in search of a something better, a new moment. And finally the symphony meets the silence. The rhythm fades into the darkness. Like nothing ever happened.
Life happened.
And yet there is a deafening memorandum of nothingness and silence!

Aren't we living on borrowed time?

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