Friday, October 30, 2015

A point in time.

If time is a straight line, it is a never ending one. But the irony is we can't pin point the starting point nor the ending point. Though the ending point is a gradually being created with each second, but the starting point is a mystery.

We are just a dot on that line. Perhaps, a microscopic dot. But the fascinating thing about that tiny micro dot is that it is divided into a million of timelines. To be precise billions. No wait, it is in gazillions. By this timeline, I mean each person. We need an entity to measure the unilateral representation of the line to better understand where we really stand. A few are short lived. A few are long. A few are parallel. And where are we in this humongous timeline. 

We are busy. We are making a life for ourselves and others. We are inventing things. We are building. We are investing the time and getting the most of it. And in spite of a gazillion timelines we are standing out and shining bright. We are giving life to that monotonous timeline that has a never ending stretch. We are life.

"Where are you?", a question people ask me, no, a question I ask myself. "Where am I?" In that bright timeline that has been shining bright, I.... I am lost.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A fine thread.

I saw it. I saw the life drowning in that little pond. I saw its fight for the air, fresh air at the depths of the dark blue shallows. I saw it. I see it. Crystal clear. The life now dissolved in the lifelessness. Life. Death. A fine thread balancing it. An inevitable relation bind them together. What is more precious ? Life, people say. Death, I would say! You don't follow. But, why is so hard to accept it? Aren't we living a life to accomplish one thing - death? You don't agree? Am I wrong in thinking so? May be I am, may be I am not !

In the underlying inevitability of life, death is merely a concept that we accomplish at the end of the time, our time. What is life then? A fairy tale with fairies, godmothers and magic?  Life is cruel, you know, we all know! It always has been. The kind of life you are in is not the same life everyone wishes to be. Life is impartial and so has God. God. Wait. An entity ? Once upon a time human? A living being ? A figment of our imagination? May be it was just us marginalizing the people based on their work or intellect. It was us classifying things and everything under the sun, objectifying some while probing some other. It is us who, the people, who created God. Did we not? Why? Because we were afraid, duh! We are afraid. We have always been afraid. We are afraid of ourselves. We were at the top of the world. But then we were insecure. So, we created another position to be filled in by someone who no one can see. A little odd don't you think ? Good Lord. 
I mean God Bless You.

- I am a God Fearing Atheist.

Monday, October 12, 2015

#ChampIsBack LG Nexus 5X

Technology has always fascinated us. It marvels with each passing day, improving and making life a little bit more easier. Last week my mom was complaining about the phone in her hand that it was taking way too long time to open. A couple of years ago my mom was complaining about my hair being too long. She still complains though, but connecting in touch with is more important than the little trivial things, however long and shabby the hair might be looking. As a matter of fact, she wasn't even bothered about the phone that she wanted to use. The cordless phone at home was glued to the ear for the whole day and there was no need for any touch screen phone with apps for instant messaging or facetiming or a skype call over the phone. Now, it is a necessity. No, it is just not a necessity, it has become a need for our everyday work. From online shopping to buying groceries, from taking pictures to sharing over oceans, from learning cooking to ordering a pizza, we can do that one single handheld phone, a smart phone. One thing I never expected to listen from my mom was asking for a better smartphone. I had been buying a smartphone for her and swapping with my old one. Now, she won't let me swap and on top of it, she wants a latest phone with better best features.

LG Nexus 5X.
The champ is back, indeed. The old nexus phone did quite bring new changes to the table, but it wasn't entirely efficient. There was always a little room for improvement. May be a more speed would make it the best phone, perhaps its sleek model, or perhaps it needs a security because since we all are using cloud and it makes it very important for us to be protective of our data. And the champ fills in the void quite perfectly. LG Nexus 5X is sleek, slick, great camera, 4k recording, better backup and the latest Google Android 6.0 - Marshmallow. The following are the reasons why I would recommend myself to get the phone, by which I mean getting two phones.

a. What are you made of ?
Nexus 5X has the new Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor with 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit and Adreno 418 GPU, which is not only the latest but also the best and fastest in class of processors. It is a sleek 5.2 inch device running on the latest Android 6.0 - Marshmallow. Nexus phones always come up with the new upgrades and latest in-house software and we got it in this device.

b. Let's take a photo.
Photography has always been my hobby. It so often happens the bug bulky DSLR that you are carrying doesn't always come in handy. You see a moment and you want to capture it. By the time, I pull out my DSLR and adjust the right settings, the moment is long gone. A camera handy and easily accessible would do great wonders for a person who wants to capture the moment at the right time. With 12.3 MP camera, Nexus 5X will capture not only great photos but moments. Because after all we live in the moments. In addition to that, it has a 4K HD recording which is just sweet topping on the cake. Not to mention, aren't we all obsessed with instagram, snapchat and selfies? A 5MP front camera is just what we need for selfies or skype.

c. Sustaining the day.
We are obsessed with our smartphones and are always hooked up with it for the entire day. It would be a very disappointing day, if my phone were to run out of battery in the middle of day. With 2700mAh not only will we be able to use the phone efficiently for the entire day without running out of battery, we will have a resourceful day, well for me atleast. If in case I run out of juice, the new USB Type C charger allows us to use for 4 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. And it's reversible which means that I don't have to worry about spoiling the pins anymore.

d. Is it safe?
Is the data safe? Are the photos we have taken safe? Are the documents that we are carrying safe? Safety is a growing issue these days. From data leaks to accessing private data on the cloud, the data, our (private) data needs to be secure, at any cost. Nexus 5X comes with a fingerprint sensor which is placed on the back for convenience. Presenting Nexus Imprint, the first fingerprint technology in a Nexus phone. It can turn our screen with one touch, unlock apps quickly and easily. And, by incorporating measurements each time you use it, it gets smarter with every touch. This is just so cool. I gotto check this feature out.

Well, I just need to make a choice between the three colors that like. This is going to be tough. But what are you waiting for ? It's for an upgrade to even cooler smartphone.


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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A distant memory.

The overnight rain laid out a clear sky, well almost. The sun shone through the clouds that formed huge boulders. The sky was blue yet looked a little tired. Perhaps it was the inconsistent rain from the previous night. Or perhaps it was my insomnia that made me late yet again. 

I drowned in my chair realizing the work at hand and the deadlines that I had to meet. This wasn't how I had hoped the melancholic Monday to start of with. Yes, I understand the irony. "Coffee", my mind shouted. Oh, yes Coffee- A perfect remedy to get back to the real world. I took out my coffee mug from from the drawer and examined the weahter outside looked at the floor-to-roof window on the far end. It was pretty chilled inside and thanks to the centralized air conditioner and a warm coffee could really do wonders. I grabbed my cup and was about to...

She happened. My eyes were transfixed. Perhaps, they were lost. She walked past, but I still stuck at the moment I saw her. Even though she went past like a flash, I froze revisiting the moment that just passed by, the cup in my hand suspended in the air, like someone pulled a gun and shouted "Freeze".  That brief moment temporarily numbed my mind, my conscious. I kept staring at the window long after she brisked past my sight, like I was just lost in thought. I can only see the shadow, an outline of the shadow of her, moving slowly as if time had stopped for a while, a blurred image trailed in front of me. I woke up from my lost state a moment later realizing I was stating at the empty glass plane.

"Where did she go?", I shouted under my breath. I couldn't find her. I felt the blood drain from my face. I never understood the reason behind it. But suddenly, I felt that gaping hole in my chest. Perhaps it was the heart that stopped listening, or the mind that stopped thinking. I kept the cup down which was still in the air. For a while I forgot what I was doing, what I wanted to do, what I should be doing. I just sank deep into my chair comprehending what just happened. Beauty. Elegance. Charm. Cute. The words, left me astray to even describe her. It was a shame that I couldn't get a perfect word to describe her. Beauty in simplicity. Elegance in how she carried herself. Cute the way she smiled. Charismatic in her energetic self and her talks. I can't even find the right words for her. The heart was a confused place right now. 

In the days that followed, I saw her again. Relieved. Happy. Content. But the heart, the heart made more noise than the empty vessel. I picked myself up from the apparent daydream encompassing the perfection. I wanted to etch her in words. I wanted the her image to be a memory, a forever memory. I saw her a couple of times, but I had a feeling that staring at her just might give the impression that I was 'checking' her out and the usual conclusion of the guys who check girls out are called creepy guys. I was in no position to bring myself to that impression. Yes, to put in right words, I was afraid to look at her. I don't know why. I didn't have answers then, nor do I have now. But I caught her graceful eyes this one time between the crowded multitude of people. A millisecond later they stared back. And my heart had a massive panic attack. Instead of leaping into those eyes, I went astray and blew my one chance. It took a while for my face to come back to normal from the flushed state. I mentally kicked myself for blowing my first impression. 

Eyes are a crazy thing. I am always searching for her,even when I pretend to be working or talking to somebody or no matter what I was doing. All the time. She is still a image, a beautiful shadow indeed, but I still didn't have the details to perfectly portray her. This one time the corner of my eye catches her while I was still looking at the screen in front of me. I saw her walk towards me. For a second, my mind raced with gazillion thoughts and my face was flushed red. She stood behind me for a very very brief moment. I thought this was the moment she would talk. And I was already preparing how to respond and assuring myself not to screw this up curling my lips, smiling inside. A faint of perfume brushed past me while my heart slipped into my mouth. I swear it really did. I turned back to respond even with all the quietness that surrounded me but she was already gone. Holy mother of God. That almost gave me a heartache. I kicked myself again mentally for being so stupid. 

My tenure was over and my initial idea of inscribing her in words was left as a distant dream. She is still blurred image, but a beautiful one. I wanted her as a memory for as long as I can. But I never got a chance to know her. I never got a chancet o tell her what I felt. I never gota chance to carve a perfect image in my mind, in paper. All I had was an image, a shadow in bits and pieces and a hell lot of emotions, the feelings which I still don't even understand.

Memory Palace
September 2015

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