Friday, April 22, 2016

Happiness. #Z2AChallenge

Let me ask you something, do you believe in balance? Do you believe that everything that is around us is in balance, of entities that we don't even know of. Do you believe that the nature does the noble deed at balancing everything? As a matter of fact, do you have a balanced life? Because, if you don't believe in balance, going further won't be such a good idea.

I once had a conversation with a short period friend where we discussed abou...what? Why are you looking so confused? Are you wondering what the short-period-friend is? I got acquainted with a person who blogs and started conversing over emails. This was going fine until my friend decided to take some time off, for reasons completely unknown to me. I was being anonymous which was one of the concern. I did feel bad and since there would be no more exchange of emails, I decided to spin the magic 8 ball and reveal what card she was talking to. That was the least I could do, considering I knew my friend's name, work and all the essentials. I didn't expect what came next. My friend was angry at the revelation. That was when the last email was exchanged. So, anger. Feeling. Yes, I am going to talk about two most prominent sides of the coin. 

"Everything in this world is balanced", my friend said. I believed it too. I usually, end up disagreeing, always. But this wasn't one of those cases. The topic we were discussing was happiness. Now, I said I usually disagree to things, even when I know I am on the wrong side. The reason for agreeing this time was the mention of the balance of happiness and sadness. These two are opposite ends of the pole. And that's what attracts them the most. If you have a happy day, you will have a sad day too. "What? This sounds preposterous! I don't agree to it", I hear someone shouting. "I can be happy all my life. I am happy now. I was happy yesterday, I will be tomorrow as well". Yes, you were, are and will be, may be. But I believe you are here because you believe in balance. 

I believed it. No, actually I lived it. So, I believe it. If you are happy for one day, you will be sad for one day. But you wouldn't want to remember that sad day, or as a matter of fact any sad day. If you smiled for a day, you would cry for a day. Am I sounding childish? Think whatever you want. But if you don't believe in the balance, at this point, you just lied to yourself. Anyhow, you are enjoying the happy days and collecting memories while you are at it, because like I said, we don't want to remember the sad days. But what happens when you have the sadder days more than the usual as the happier days become gradually scarce? You become conscious of the fact that you are sad, were sad, and the future becomes an uncertain possibility. I am the product of that deranged conclusion. At one point, I completely forgot all the happy days. And at another point, I got scared of laughing, smiling and enjoying. Because well, the balance is a crass manipulation of unsettling emotions, and I stepped on the wrong stone, every single time.

So, excuse me when I see everywhere #100HappyDays. But after that?


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

#Day19 #Happiness 
#AlphabetH #TheLetterH #H


  1. I don't believe in a balanced life and yet I read it.
    You said there were equal number of happy and sad days, according to you.
    But in the end, you say that at times there are more sad days compared to happy days. This doesn't equal a balanced life.

    1. Yes, I did say that. The meaning of which is that the sad days outweigh the happy days. So at the end of the day, there isn't anything happy to remember. So, in order to not give way to sad days, the only to avoid that is avoid being happy. Get the point? 😐


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